LV Software Concept

ATLAS program system - A modular system with a future

Standard Software for pressure vessel design and heat exchanger design. Freely extendable to solve special problems.

Made-to-measure Software at a very competitive price.

Complex programs can be built by using the multi-purpose modules of the ATLAS program system. Due to the modular structure, customers' specific calculation approaches can be considered and integrated into a program package very easily. There are no difficulties to apply company standards or design formulas based on own measurements while general calculation procedures are used.


Modular Structure


  • There is no need to develop new software for a special task. Simply combine the modules to create new programs.
  • The modules are standardized in their structure.
  • Uniform interface for all fields of application.


Data Input


Data input and equations The mathematical convention for the modules is based on a numeric equation solver

This means, that the data can be entered in any order whatsoever. The calculation starts immediately after the input and proceeds while the input is continued until the problem is finally solved. This procedure allows an optimization of any arbitrary target variable which leads to unlimited possibilities of mathematical observation.

The most important equations are displayed directly on the screen and the variables can be entered into the formulas directly.



Conversion of Units


Values can be entered into the input fields in any desired unit

After having activated "Conversion of units" by pressing the key the input value is converted to various units which are displayed in a list. The value of any listed unit can be edited afterwards. It is converted to the other units immediately and displayed in the selected unit as well.


Interfaces to other programs


EXCEL interface LV offers completely prefabricated interfaces to MS-Excel, to CAD software as well as for the process simulation program Design II by WinSim.