LV programs can be used in the environment of non-LV-programs by bidirectional data exchange from LV-programs to non-LV-programs. ( ADD-In-Technology)

The bidirectional interface to powerful CAD programs for vessel design enables you to design and calculate simultaneously and to create materials lists and generate CNC programs.


LV Scenario Manager for creating variants in MS Excel

The LV Scenario Manager enables you to calculate different variants of a vessel / exchanger in a most simple and easy way. Different variants may mean calculating complete model ranges or product series with different shell diameters, tube diameters, tube pitches, passes, etc. or simulating different load cases for one heat exchanger (variants of mass flow, temperatures, heat duties, etc.). 

The big advantage of the LV Scenario Manager is, that you can enter all required input data for the different scenarios into an EXCEL sheet, which transfers them automatically to the LV program for calculation. This is very time-saving as you can perform any number of calculations at a time.


MS VISIO Interface

Visual Vessel Configurator


Excel (MS-Office) Interface

The LV Excel interface allows a simple transfer of calculation results into the Excel environment you are used to.


3D-CAD SolidWorks Interface

Pressure vessel parts are calculated by LV modules while constructing with SolidWorks and vice versa.


3D-CAD Alibre Design Interface

Bi-directional data exchange interface to  Alibre Design. A 3D CAD program at a very competitive price.

Design II  

Design II (WinSim) Interface

LV software can easily be integrated in the simulation software Design II.