Calculation software based on VDI Heat Atlas 11th edition

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C. Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

C1 Ca Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers 255
C2 Cb Overall Heat Transfer 255
C5 Cd Heat Exchanger Networks 255
D. Thermophysical Properties
D6.3 Dee Thermal Conductivity of Packed Beds 255
the properties modules CO2, H2O, Luft, N2, NH3, O2 and T-OIL (Thermal Oils) are included in the module package. You will find descriptions and individual prices in the price list under properties  
E. Heat Conduction
E1 Steady-State Heat Conduction (consists of 2 software modules) 380
  E1.1 Ea Heat Conduction
  E1.2 Eb Heat Losses from Walls and Pipes
E2 Ec Transient Conduction in Stagnant Media 255
F. Heat Transfer by Free Convection
F2 consists of 2 software module 650
  F2.1 Fa Heat Transfer by Free Convection: External Flows
  F2.2 Fe Superimposed Free and Forced Convection
F3 Fc Heat Transfer by Free Convection: Internal Flows 255
F4 Fd Heat Transfer by Free Convection: Special Cases 255
F5 Fb Thermal Output of Heating Appliances Operating with Hot Water 255
G. Heat Transfer by Forced Convection
G1 Ga Heat Transfer in Pipe Flow 255
G2 Gb Heat Transfer in Concentric Annular and Parallel Plate Ducts 255
G3 Gc Heat Transfer in Helically Coiled Tubes 255
G4 Gd Heat Transfer in Flow Past a Plane Wall 255
G5 Ge Heat Transfer to Single Cylinders, Wires, and Fibers in Longitudinal Flow 255
G6 Gf Heat Transfer in Cross-flow Around Single Tubes, Wires, and Profiled Cylinders 255
G7 Gg Heat Transfer in Cross-flow Around Single Rows of Tubes and Through Tube Bundles 255
G8 Gh Shell-Side Heat Transfer in Baffled Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers 450
G9 Gj Fluid-Particle Heat Transfer in Flow Through Packed Beds of Solids 255
G10 Gk Impinging Jet Flow Heat Transfer 255
H. Boiling
H2 Hab Pool Boiling / Boiling at free convection (consists of 8 software modules) 380
H3.1 Hbb1 Flow Patterns in Evaporator Tubes 380
H3.2 Lbc Pressure Drop in Evaporator Tubes 255
H3.3 Hba Subcooled Boiling 255
H3.4 Hbb Saturated Flow Boiling (consists of 4 software modules) 450
H3.5 Hbc Critical Boiling States in Flowing Liquids 255
H3.6 Hbd Postdryout Heat Transfer in Flow Boiling 255
J. Condensation
J1 Ja Filmwise Condensation of Pure Vapors (consists of 5 software modules) 900
J3 Jc Dropwise Condensation 255
J4 Jd Mixing and Spray Condensation 255
K. Radiation
K1 Ka Radiation of Surfaces 255
K2 Kb View Factors 255
K3 Kc Gas Radiation: Radiation from Gas Mixtures 380
K4 Kd Thermal Radiation of Gas–Solids–Dispersions 255
K5 Ke Heat Radiation in Furnaces 255
K6 Kf Superinsulations 380
L. Fluid Dynamics and Pressure Drop
  L. 1 Pressure Drop in Single Phase Flow in Pipe
L1.2 Lab Pressure Drop in Flow Through Pipe 255
L1.3 Lac Pressure Drop in Flow Through Pipes of Changing Cross-section 255
L1.4 Lad Pressure Drop of Tube Bundles in Cross Flow (consists of 2 software modules) 380
L1.5 Lae Pressure Drop in the Outer Shell of Heat Exchangers 380
L1.6 Laf Pressure Drop in Fixed Beds 255
  L. 2 Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow
L2.1 Lba Prediction of Void Fraction 255
L2.2 Lbb Pressure Drop in Tubes, Valves, and Fittings 255
L2.6 Lbf Pressure Drop and Flooding in Packed Towers 255
L2.7 Lbg Pressure Drop and Operating Limits of Trays 255
  L. 3 Two-Phase Gas-Solid Flow
L3.2 Lcb Flow Patterns and Pressure Drop in Fluidized Beds 255
L3.4 Lcd Cyclones for the Precipitation of Solid Particles (see separators) 255
  L. 4 Bubble and Drops in Technical Equipment
L4.1 Lda Formation and Movement of Bubbles and Drops 255
L4.3 Droplet Separation (consists of 2 software modules) 380
  L4.3.1 Ldd Cyclones for droplet separation (s.CYCL module)
  L4.3.2 Ldc Wave Plate Separators
L4.4 Lde Spray condensation with cone jet 255
M. Specific Heat Transfer Problems
M1 Mb Heat Transfer to Finned Tubes 255
M2 Mc Heat Transfer to Walls with Welded Coils or Half-Pipe Coils 255
M3 Md Heat Transfer to Falling Films at Vertical Surfaces 255
M4 Me Heat Transfer to Non-Newtonian Fluids 380
M5 Mf Heat Transfer in Fluidized Beds 255
M6 Mg Heat Transfer from a Wall to Stagnant and Mechanically Agitated Beds 255
M8 Mk Humidifying and Drying of Air( M1 recommended as supplement) 255
M10 Mo Heat Transfer and Momentum Flux in Rarefied Gase 255
N/O. Specific Heat Transfer Devices
N1 Na Heat Transfer in Regenerators 255
N3 Ma Heat Transfer and Power Consumption in Stirred Vessels (consists of 2 software modules) 255
N5 Ml Heat Pipes 255
N6 Mm Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in Plate Heat Exchangers 380
O1 Ob Hints on the Construction of Heat Exchangers 255
  O2 Oc Vibration of Tube Bundles in Heat Exchangers ( s. special module LVGV or WTS)
Module package 1 Heat Atlas 11th edition 3,100
Module package 2 Heat Atlas 11th edition incl. cyclone calculation (CYCL module) 3,800
Maintenance / 12 months (Updates and Support*)

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