Terms of delivery


Orders are legally binding only if placed in writing. Verbal orders require written confirmation. The prices are net prices plus VAT (except export). Freight costs are charged separately.


The supplier delivers the programs in an adequately performing condition on a data storage medium as specified in the written purchase order. Costs for later modifications of the order have to be paid by the customer. The price for adapting the software to the customer's requirements such as alterations or extensions depends on the expenditure.

Obligation of acceptance

The customer is obliged to accept the product ordered from Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (LV). If the buyer doesn't accept, LV is entitled to compensation for costs already incurred.


It is not allowed to put the software purchased from LV at anybody's disposal on the internet or on the intranet without our permission.

Credit period

Software Delivery: 14 days net or 7 days with 2 % cash discount

Calculation service: Based on special agreement

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