Separators/ Demisters/ Cyclones

Module Program description Net price EUR

HSA Design of horizontal gravity separators 510,--
LOMA Determination of flow type in the Lockhart Martinelli diagram 360,--

Design of vertical gravity separators

FLD Design of mesh demisters (fibre filters) for droplet and solid particle separation from gases. 620,--
Package 1: HSA + VSA 900,--
Package 2: HSA + VSA + LOMA 999,--
Package 3: HSA + VSA + LOMA + FLD 1.500,--

Design of cyclones with axial, spiral or slit inlet. Separation of particles from gases. The mathematical aproaches of the LV Heat Atlas (chapter L3.4 / L4.3 Muschelknautz) and the approaches of Löffler and Bürkholz have been revised completely. Design of dust cyclones with small dust fraction according a new approach.

Package price 1.600,--
As extension of  LV Heat Atlas 11th edition 700,--

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