Separators/ Demisters/ Cyclones

Module Program description Net price EUR

HSA Design of horizontal gravity separators 510
LOMA Determination of flow type in the Lockhart Martinelli diagram 360

Design of vertical gravity separators

FLD Design of mesh demisters (fibre filters) for droplet and solid particle separation from gases. 620
Package 1: HSA + VSA 900
Package 2: HSA + VSA + LOMA 999
Package 3: HSA + VSA + LOMA + FLD 1,500

Design of cyclones with axial, spiral or slit inlet. Separation of particles from gases. The mathematical aproaches of the LV Heat Atlas (chapter L3.4 / L4.3 Muschelknautz) and the approaches of Löffler and Bürkholz have been revised completely. Design of dust cyclones with small dust fraction according a new approach.

Package price 1,600
As extension of  LV Heat Atlas 11th edition 700

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