Module Program description Net price
BIER Properties of wort and beer

CO2 Properties of carbon dioxide 190,--
EGAS Properties of natural gas type L and natural gas type H and natural gases of any composition 410,--
FRIG Properties of refrigerants, extended 255,--
Nitrogen- / oxygen- / hydrogen- / carbon monoxide- /carbon dioxide- / steam- / sulfur dioxide- /sulfur trioxide -
gas mixtures of any composition
GLYC Properties of ethylene glycol + 1,2-propylene glycol (®Antifrogen N + L) + organic salts KF and SOL 255,--
H2O Properties of water (steam tables) 190,--
H2SO4 Properties and phase equilibrium of sulphuric acid 255,--
HABA Calculation of the reference value α0 for nucleate boiling of pure substances (vessel boiling, flow boiling of saturated liquids) 190,--
HCL Properties of hydrochloric acid 255,--
HE Properties of helium 255,--
HFO Properties of 8 heavy fuel oils and Diesel 410,--
HNO3 Properties and phase equilibrium of nitric acid 255,--
HX Mollier-H-X-diagram 410,--
JTHO Properties of air Final temperature of adiabatic throttle proceedings of natural gases 410,--
LUFT Properties of air  190,--
N2 Properties of nitrogen 190,--
NA Properties of sodium-liquid and -vapour 410,--
NAOH Properties of Sodium Hydroxide 255,--
NH3 Properties of ammonia 190,--
O2 Properties of oxygen 190,--
OEL Properties for 12 machine oils 255,--
PROPER 1 Thermodynamic calculation of properties (max. 15 components) 2.100,--
PROPER 2 PROPER 1 including hydrocarbon cuts according to API-Data-Book 2.700,--
PROPER 3 PROPER 1 with phase equilibrium calc. (DDB-Flash) acc. to Prof. Gmehling (max. 10 components) 2.600,--
PROPER 1 + 2 + 3 package price 3.200,--
PSYC Calculation of the state of wet air from a psychrometric humidity measurement 190,--
RGAS Properties and combination of flue gas 255,--
SAC Properties of saccharose-water-solutions 255,--
SAWA Properties of sea water depending on the salinity 255,--
STAB Definition of property tables for use in the programs 190,--
TOIL Properties and application range of more than 100 thermal oils 500,--
TSO3 Dew point temperature of waste gases containing SO3 and H2O 190,--

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