Pressure vessels: Special modules


Module Program description Net price EUR
1092 Welding-neck flanges acc. to EN 1092-1; including strength proof (replaces VFLA) 410
1514N / 159N Flat gaskets. Geometrical data acc. EN 1514-1. Gasket data acc. EN 13555. 
Extensive manufacturers data base.
1591 Design rules for flanges, bolts and gaskets
Module package 1591 incl. 5 flange modules and 2 gasket modules (see European Standards).


10220 Seamless steel pipes, dimension and length scaled mass according to DIN EN 10220 (replaces 2448 / 2458) 310
A2 Calculation of safety valves for pressure vessels 410
ABDR Connection ends of tubes, bends and T-pieces acc. to ANSI B31.3 410
ADR Minimum thickness and test pressure according to EN 14025 / ADR / RID 255
AFL / AFLT Flanges according ASME incl. Flanges catalogue according to ASME/ANSI 620
AKR Proof of stress for pressure vessels with knuckles in the external shell 255
B1.1 Pipe bends under internal pressure acc. AD 2000 B1 Appendix 1 (see BOG module) 255
B51A Proof of the axial forces acc. to AD Merkblatt B5 sec. (required in B5) 255
B51C Circular flat tube sheets with protruding flange edges according AD 2000 B5 255
B51F Fatigue strength of fixed heat exchanger tubesheets acc. to RKF (Richtlinienkatalog Festigkeit) part 5 and 6  255
B5A1 Pressure vessels with rectangular section according AD 2000 B5/1
(see also EN 15)
BEB Calculation of Earthquake Loading acc DIN 4149 and EuroCode 8 DIN EN 1998-1 620
BEIN Strength proof for vessels on supports 600
BIEG Moment of inertia of structural steels 190
BOG Bends under internal pressure according to TRD 301 / appendix 2 255
BV29 Calculation of chambers of divided and undivided design 620
DICH Calculation of characteristic gasket values (see also 1514N module) 190
ECKA Sizing of diagonal stays on fire tube heads 410
EJMA Calculation of expansion joints according to EJMA (round, single or multiple ply)
acc. EJMA 10th edition

ELKR Elasticity criterion of pipes according HP100R simplified 190
EN 1991 Wind loads acc. to DIN EN 1991-1-4, edition 1, NA Germany
Eurocode 1 (Actions on structures)  s. EN 22
FANY Fatigue analysis for vessel design according to ASME VIII / 2 Appendix 5 410
FGB Flat domed heads according to Harvey J./ Schwaigerer 620
HLB Proof of stress for pressure vessels with welded half tubes 255
HOSE Y-branches under internal pressure according to TRD 301 310
HPR Flexibility and span check and design standards for pipes made of metallic materials according to AD 2000 Merkblatt HP 100 R 620
IGEL Strength proof of nozzles; determination of local loads by NozzleSpecApp (requires AD/B1 + B3 + B9)
Extra Charge:
Package Price IGEL + AD/B1 + B3 + B9 1,800
ESMC 912 BASF company standard: Load transformation of nozzle loads for horizontal vessels on two saddles acc. BASF E-S-MC 912 (April 2016). NozzleSpecApp considered.  
Package Price IGEL + ESMC 912 990
KRVE Forces and deformation conditions of pre-stressed bolted connections. Metal-to-metal gaskets. 255
KSTA Calculation of stresses, displacements, shear forces and moments of columns with additional supports 1,500
LOBO Free resting perforated heads and p. h. with stays and supports acc. to AD/B5 255
LUG Single loads (lifting lugs) at cylindrical shells and domed heads per EN 13445 410
PDEN Test pressure and material characteristics acc. DIN EN 13445-5 / chapter 150
PMAX Determination of the allowable test pressure for pressure vessel parts (incl. Nzul module) 600
PRAT Geometry variables of supporting lugs used in AD-Merkblatt S3.4 150
RING Stress analysis of jacket connections at vessels 620
RUER Proof of strength of nozzles and welded pads with / without mutual influence in cylinder and dished heads 190
SEGB Segmental bend with one or more segments according to ANSI 410
SFLA Geo0metrical data of flanges per DIN 28036 (included in EFL and 1591 package) 190
SG Gauge glass flange according DIN 28120 520
SIK Nozzles on spherical shells according EN 13445, supplementary to EN 09 225
SPAR Design of clamping rings 500
SPIE Strength calculation interface
Graphical system for design of tube sheets for shell-and-tube heat exchangers 
Determination of relevant values (number of boundary tubes and characteristic length)
STUT Nozzles on pressure vessels - additional stresses due to pipe forces on nozzles 255
TEB / TEB 1 Heat exchanger heads according to TEMA 770
TEM Longitudinal stresses in the shell and tubes of heat exchangers with stationary tubesheet 410
Strength calculation according TEMA (TEB / TEB1 / TEM) Package Price  850
TEB 2 Bends and T-pieces according to ASME/ANSI B31.3 incl. external loads 410
TR28 Support rings with or without additional ring supports acc. to DIN 28084-1 as a supplement to S3.5 255
TST Cylindrical shells with vertical branch under internal pressure 410
UBC Seismic loading per Uniform Building Code 1997 410
UHX a-c Design of U-tube sheets, fixed tubesheets and floating tube sheets acc. ASME BPVC UHX  1,200
UNRD Calculating the deviation from the true circle of cylinders and cones according EN13445-3, Annex E 150
VFLN Welding-neck flanges according to DIN 28034 190
WARZ Calculation of knuckles of jacketed vessels 410
WTOR Torsional moments of shafts 310
ZAPF Calculation of trunnions according DIN 28085 410
ZIEH Calculation of bolting torques 310

Withdrawn Standards
Module Program description Net price EUR
2413 Bends: Calculation of the wall thickness for internal pressure acc. to DIN 2413 130
2448 Seamless steel pipes according to DIN 2448 (replaced by DIN EN 10220) 150
2458 Welded steel pipes according to DIN 2458 (replaced by DIN EN 10220) 150
2505 Design of flanges according to DIN 2505 (partially replaced by EN 1591) 620
250S Bolts according to DIN 2505 310
25V Flange joints according to draft standard DIN 2505 255
Package price 2505 + 250S + 25V 980
2605 Bends according to DIN 2605 130
18T4 Load-bearing capacity analysis of unstiffened cylindrical, conical or spherical shells (DIN 18 800 Part 4) >replaced by Eurocode 620
VERK Stress in a cylindrical apparatus without attachments caused by wind loads
DIN 4133 has been withdrawn
WND/WIND Wind loads of buildings not susceptible to vibrations acc. to DIN 1055 part 4 edition 1986 / 2005
DIN 1055 part 4 has been withdrawn
> replaced by Eurocode 1 and EN 22

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