Pressure vessels: Special modules


Module Program description Net price EUR
1092 Welding-neck flanges acc. to EN 1092-1; including strength proof (replaces VFLA) 410,--
1514N Flat gaskets acc. to EN 1514-1 / EN 1591-2, incl. manufacturers' data 410,--
159 N Characteristic values of gaskets acc. to EN 1591-2:2009 incl. manufacturers' data 410,--
1591 Design rules for flanges, bolts and gaskets
Module package 1591 incl. 5 flange modules and 2 gasket modules (see European Standards).


10220 Seamless steel pipes, dimension and length scaled mass according to DIN EN 10220 (replaces 2448 / 2458) 310,--
A2 Calculation of safety valves for pressure vessels 410,--
ABDR Connection ends of tubes, bends and T-pieces acc. to ANSI B31.3 410,--
ADR Minimum thickness and test pressure according to EN 14025 / ADR / RID 255,--
AFL / AFLT Flanges according ASME incl. Flanges catalogue according to ASME/ANSI 620,--
AKR Proof of stress for pressure vessels with knuckles in the external shell 255,--
B1.1 Pipe bends under internal pressure acc. AD 2000 B1 Appendix 1 (see BOG module) 255,--
B51A Proof of the axial forces acc. to AD Merkblatt B5 sec. (required in B5) 255,--
B51C Circular flat tube sheets with protruding flange edges according AD 2000 B5 255,--
B51F Fatigue strength of fixed heat exchanger tubesheets acc. to RKF (Richtlinienkatalog Festigkeit) part 5 and 6  255,--
B5A1 Pressure vessels with rectangular section according AD 2000 B5/1
(see also EN 15)
BEB Calculation of Earthquake Loading acc DIN 4149 and EuroCode 8 DIN EN 1998-1 620,--
BEIN Strength proof for vessels on supports 600,--
BIEG Moment of inertia of structural steels 190,--
BOG Bends under internal pressure according to TRD 301 / appendix 2 255,--
BV29 Calculation of chambers of divided and undivided design 620,--
DICH Calculation of characteristic gasket values (see also 1514N module) 190,--
ECKA Sizing of diagonal stays on fire tube heads 410,--
EJMA / EJMR Calculation of expansion joints according to EJMA (round, rectangular, single or multiple ply)
acc. EJMA 8th edition

ELKR Elasticity criterion of pipes according HP100R simplified 190,--
EN 1991 Wind loads acc. to DIN EN 1991-1-4, edition 1, NA Germany
Eurocode 1 (Actions on structures)  s. EN 22
FANY Fatigue analysis for vessel design according to ASME VIII / 2 Appendix 5 410,--
FGB Flat domed heads according to Harvey J./ Schwaigerer 620,--
HLB Proof of stress for pressure vessels with welded half tubes 255,--
HOSE Y-branches under internal pressure according to TRD 301 310,--
HPR Flexibility and span check and design standards for pipes made of metallic materials according to AD 2000 Merkblatt HP 100 R 620,--
IGEL Strength proof of nozzles; determination of local loads by NozzleSpecApp (requires AD/B1 + B3 + B9)
Extra Charge:
Package Price IGEL + AD/B1 + B3 + B9 1.800,--
ESMC 912 BASF company standard: Load transformation of nozzle loads for horizontal vessels on two saddles acc. BASF E-S-MC 912 (April 2016). NozzleSpecApp considered.  
Package Price IGEL + ESMC 912 990,--
KRVE Forces and deformation conditions of pre-stressed bolted connections. Metal-to-metal gaskets. 255,--
KSTA Calculation of stresses, displacements, shear forces and moments of columns with additional supports 1.500,--
LOBO Free resting perforated heads and p. h. with stays and supports acc. to AD/B5 255,--
LUG Single loads (lifting lugs) at cylindrical shells and domed heads per EN 13445 410,--
PDEN Test pressure and material characteristics acc. DIN EN 13445-5 / chapter 150,--
PMAX Determination of the allowable test pressure for pressure vessel parts (incl. Nzul module) 600,--
PRAT Geometry variables of supporting lugs used in AD-Merkblatt S3.4 150,--
RING Stress analysis of jacket connections at vessels 620,--
RUER Proof of strength of nozzles and welded pads with / without mutual influence in cylinder and dished heads 190,--
SEGB Segmental bend with one or more segments according to ANSI 410,--
SFLA Geo0metrical data of flanges per DIN 28036 (included in EFL and 1591 package) 190,--
SG Gauge glass flange according DIN 28120 520,--
SIK Nozzles on spherical shells according EN 13445, supplementary to EN 09 225,--
SPAR Design of clamping rings 500,--
SPIE Strength calculation interface
Graphical system for design of tube sheets for shell-and-tube heat exchangers 
Determination of relevant values (number of boundary tubes and characteristic length)
STUT Nozzles on pressure vessels - additional stresses due to pipe forces on nozzles 255,--
TEB / TEB 1 Heat exchanger heads according to TEMA 770,--
TEM Longitudinal stresses in the shell and tubes of heat exchangers with stationary tubesheet 410,--
Strength calculation according TEMA (TEB / TEB1 / TEM) Package Price  850,--
TEB 2 Bends and T-pieces according to ASME/ANSI B31.3 incl. external loads 410,--
TR28 Support rings with or without additional ring supports acc. to DIN 28084-1 as a supplement to S3.5 255,--
TST Cylindrical shells with vertical branch under internal pressure 410,--
UBC Seismic loading per Uniform Building Code 1997 410,--
UHX a-c Design of U-tube sheets, fixed tubesheets and floating tube sheets acc. ASME BPVC UHX  1.200,--
UNRD Calculating the deviation from the true circle of cylinders and cones according EN13445-3, Annex E 150,--
VFLN Welding-neck flanges according to DIN 28034 190,--
WARZ Calculation of knuckles of jacketed vessels 410,--
WTOR Torsional moments of shafts 310,--
ZAPF Calculation of trunnions according DIN 28085 410,--
ZIEH Calculation of bolting torques 310,--

Withdrawn Standards
Module Program description Net price EUR
2413 Bends: Calculation of the wall thickness for internal pressure acc. to DIN 2413 130,--
2448 Seamless steel pipes according to DIN 2448 (replaced by DIN EN 10220) 150,--
2458 Welded steel pipes according to DIN 2458 (replaced by DIN EN 10220) 150,--
2505 Design of flanges according to DIN 2505 (partially replaced by EN 1591) 620,--
250S Bolts according to DIN 2505 310,--
25V Flange joints according to draft standard DIN 2505 255,--
Package price 2505 + 250S + 25V 980,--
2605 Bends according to DIN 2605 130,--
18T4 Load-bearing capacity analysis of unstiffened cylindrical, conical or spherical shells (DIN 18 800 Part 4) 620,--
VERK Stress in a cylindrical apparatus without attachments caused by wind loads
DIN 4133 has been withdrawn
WND Wind loads of buildings not susceptible to vibrations acc. to DIN 1055 part 4 edition 1986 / 2005
DIN 1055 part 4 has been withdrawn

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