Nozzle proofs per WRC 107 or EN 13445-3 or by FE method (LV-FEM)

We offer an integrated FE calculation for several problems like nozzles with external loads on cylindrical shells or domed heads. This FE calculation has improved net and graphics options and comprises the possibility to calculate reinforcing pads, oblique nozzles and oblique and tangential nozzles with reinforcing pads.




Module Program description Net price EUR
WRC / WRCK Local stresses in cylindrical and spherical shells due to WRC 107
see also EN 16.4 and EN 16.5
EN 16.4 / EN 16.5 Local loads on nozzles in cylindrical and spherical shells 1,125
LV FEM Calculation of stresses in spherical and cylindrical shells with nozzle loads by means of using the FE method. The nozzles may be with or without reinforcing pad, vertical, oblique or tangential.  
  Module package FEM  2,100

Maintenance / 12 months (Updates and support*)

  Module package FEM
incl. WRC / WRCK and EN 16.4, 16.5 (EN 13445-3)


*Included support (means support in program operation to a normal extent, ca. 1h)

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