Pressure vessels: Piping

Module Program description Net price EUR
LV PIPE II Finite Elements program for calculation of pipe stress in 3d pipe systems. Enhanced graphics. (Requires at least EXCEL 2010)
(only available in German)

Service and Support / 12 months




Combination possibilities at extra charge:
FE proof of connected nozzles 

Piping forces and moments are directly transferred to the FE program developed by LV

see FEM
Calculation of flanges with superposition of pipe forces, proof of leakage per DIN EN 1591 see EN 1591
Metallic industrial piping according to DIN EN 13480 see EN 13480
Proof of stability of single pipe runs per DIN 18800
Combi Package 'EUROPIPE'

Program LV-Pipe II + Base Package EN 13480
Maintenance/12 months: 790 EUR


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