Interfaces to LV software

Included in the latest version for free:

Module Program description Net price EUR
Scenario Manager Perform any calculation with the ATLAS program system and define several variants in MS Excel. The program calculates the variants automatically and transfers the results to EXCEL in tabular form. The big advantage of the Scenario Managers is, that you can pre-define all input data for the different scenarios in one EXCEL sheet and the program calculates the results automatically. This is really time-saving. You can perform almost any number of calculations simultaneously. >> Optimization and goal seeking with freely definable boundary conditions


EXCEL Interface



At extra charge:

Module Program description Net price EUR
LV Visio Interface A license of Microsoft VISIO 2016 (Standard Edition) is required to be able to make use of the LV Visio interface. You may purchase VISIO as well with us, as we are Independent Software Vendor of Microsoft Products


LV EXCEL Templates

Based on the free Excel interface. With the free interface you can only save connections for one specific file pairing (LV file - Excel file). With the additional module LV Excel Templates you can save these connections in a separate template file and use it on the according module when required.

on request



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