Pressure vessels: AD 2000 / section B and S

* Support comprises help for operating the program to a certain extent (ca. 1h)

Module Program description Net price EUR
PROJECT Basic module / data sheet

B0 Design pressure acc. to AD B0 / Test pressure acc. to HP 30 150
B1 Cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure 410
B2 Conical shells under internal and external pressure 620
B3 Dished heads under internal and external pressure 620
B4 Spherical dished covers 620
B5 Flat heads and plates with anchorages incl. B51A and B51C
and module B51 heat exchanger tubesheets and plate deflection
B6 Cylindrical shells under external pressure 620
B7 Bolts 620
B8 Flanges (incl. 25V module) 770
B9 Openings in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells under internal pressure 620
B10 Thick-walled cylindrical shells under internal pressure 620
B13 Single-wall expansion joints (see EJMA) 410
PMAX Maximum allowable test pressure for pressure vessel parts ( incl. Nzul module) 600
IGEL Strength proof of nozzles, determination of local loads by NozzleSpecApp.  Requires B1 + B3 + B9 620
WERK Material data base comprising more than 4400 materials, output / calculation of the required material data 900

Module package AD 2000 / section B

S1 Simplified proof against oscillating stress incl. NZUL module for calculation of number of allowed load cycles 620
S2 Proof against oscillating stress
For complex geometries we recommend determining the principal stresses by FEM
Module package AD 2000 / S1 / S2 975
S3.0 Proof of strength according to AD-S3/0 incl. load table 500
S3.1 Vessels on skirts (see EN 16.12 module) 410
S3.2 Horizontal vessels on saddles (see EN 16.8 module) 410
S3.3 Vessels with dished heads on saddles (see EN 16.11 module) 410
S3.4 Vessels with bracket supports (see EN 16.10 module) 410
S3.5 Calculation of support rings and ring girders for vessels (see EN 16.13 module) 620
S3.6 Calculation of vessels with nozzles under external loadings 150
  Module package AD 2000 / S3.0 - S3.4 incl. ZIEH module 1,790
  Module package AD 2000 / S3.0 - S3.6 incl. ZIEH module 2,150
All AD 2000 module packages including Pmax and Nzul


Maintenance AD 2000 / B 12 months (Updates and support*) on request


European with the European Standard  
  After having purchased the module package AD 2000 you can obtain the European Standard modules additionally at a very competitive price.  
  Please have a look at our special offers and the combination package 'EUROPE'.  

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