Pressure vessels: AD 2000 / section B and S

* Support comprises help for operating the program to a certain extent (ca. 1h)

Module Program description Net price EUR
PROJECT Basic module / data sheet

B0 Design pressure acc. to AD B0 / Test pressure acc. to HP 30 150,--
B1 Cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure 410,--
B2 Conical shells under internal and external pressure 620,--
B3 Dished heads under internal and external pressure 620,--
B4 Spherical dished covers 620,--
B5 Flat heads and plates with anchorages incl. B51A and B51C
and module B51 heat exchanger tubesheets and plate deflection
B6 Cylindrical shells under external pressure 620,--
B7 Bolts 620,--
B8 Flanges (incl. 25V module) 770,--
B9 Openings in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells under internal pressure 620,--
B10 Thick-walled cylindrical shells under internal pressure 620,--
B13 Single-wall expansion joints (see EJMA / EJMR) 410,--
PMAX Maximum allowable test pressure for pressure vessel parts ( incl. Nzul module) 600,--
IGEL Strength proof of nozzles, determination of local loads by NozzleSpecApp.  Requires B1 + B3 + B9 620,--
WERK Material data base comprising more than 4400 materials, output / calculation of the required material data 900,--

Module package AD 2000 / section B

S1 Simplified proof against oscillating stress incl. NZUL module for calculation of number of allowed load cycles 620,--
S2 Proof against oscillating stress
For complex geometries we recommend determining the principal stresses by FEM
Module package AD 2000 / S1 / S2 975,--
S3.0 Proof of strength according to AD-S3/0 incl. load table 500,--
S3.1 Vessels on skirts (see EN 16.12 module) 410,--
S3.2 Horizontal vessels on saddles (see EN 16.8 module) 410,--
S3.3 Vessels with dished heads on saddles (see EN 16.11 module) 410,--
S3.4 Vessels with bracket supports (see EN 16.10 module) 410,--
S3.5 Calculation of support rings and ring girders for vessels (see TRGN, TR28) 620,--
S3.6 Calculation of vessels with nozzles under external loadings 150,--
  Module package AD 2000 / S3.0 - S3.4 incl. ZIEH module 1.790,-
  Module package AD 2000 / S3.0 - S3.6 incl. ZIEH module 2.150,-
All AD 2000 module packages including Pmax and Nzul


Maintenance AD 2000 / B 12 months (Updates and support*) on request


European with the European Standard  
  After having purchased the module package AD 2000 you can obtain the European Standard modules additionally at a very competitive price.  
  Please have a look at our special offers and the combination package 'EUROPE'.  

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