Hydrodynamics / aerodynamics

Module Program description Net price EUR
RNET Calculation and simulation of meshed pipe networks for gases, vapours and liquids including sprinkler system. Data base of friction factors.
Interface to several extension modules on request.
Module package RNET incl. FDP and L1.3 (LV Heat Atlas) 1,595
Module package RNET incl. FDP, L1.3 and KV module 1,895
BEHE Design of heat traced systems 255
CAV Control valves for liquids and gases 190
DROS Flow measurement with pressure difference devices according to EN-ISO 5167-1/A 190
FDP Pressure loss in non-meshed pipe systems incl. L1.3 (LV Heat Atlas) 410
KV Design, noise emission and position response of fittings 620
LOGI Pressure drop for grates 190
LOMA Determination of flow type in the Lockhart Martinelli diagram 360
NPSH Net positive suction head for suction lines (including L1.2 (LV Heat Atlas)) 410
STOS Water hammer in straight pipes 190
TKL Level / volume relationship for storage tanks (horiontal and vertical) with volume / level data table 800
VSP Leaking loss and flow in annulus 190
ZDP Friction pressure loss in two-phase pipe flow 190

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