Heat exchangers / WTS module package

Combination possibilities at a glance:

WTS is an extensive calculation program for design, optimization and simulation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for single-phase media (liquid / gaseous) and condensation of pure substances at smooth tubes. The modular construction of our programs enables you to arrange a program adapted to your special requirements.

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  Module Standard
Construction types
Countercurrent flow or Cocurrent flow   X  
Bare tubes interior / exterior   X  
With segmental baffles   X  
TEMA Standard TEMA X  
U-tube / Straight tube   X  
Floating head (split-ring)   X  
Floating head (outside-packed)   X  
Floating head (pull-through)   X  
Steady state temperature distribution ZELL X   
No-tubes-in-window   X  
Up to 8 tube side passes   X  
Maximum 2 shell side passes   X  
Tube vibration analysis RBSA X  
Unbaffled shell-and-tube heat exchangers (e.g. hairpin) GGO   X
Disk-and-doughnut baffle CIRC   X
Double-pipe heat exchanger DPW   X
Longitudinal fin tubes GGLR   X
Internally finned tubes INLR   X
Twisted strips inside the tube TWIS   X
Corrugated tubes DRLL   X
Low fin tubes GGRI   X
Plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers LAM   X
Shell-and-tube condensers for pure vapours,
incl. desuperheating, condensing and subcooling
Heat exchanger networks NETZ   X
Water and Steam H2O X  
Sea water SAWA X  
Condensation of saturated steam H2O X  
Natural Gas H, L and any composition EGAS X  
Flue gas RGAS X  
Ammonia and Ammonia condensation NH3 X  
12 typical machine oils OEL X  
120 thermal oils T-OIL X  
Air (dry) LUFT X  
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC X  
Free input of properties S-DAT X  
Refrigerants FRIG X   
Moist gas systems, partial condensation
Inert gases: air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, natural gas / bio gas, free input
HX   X
Sulfuric acid H2SO  
Nitric acid HNO3  
Hydrochloric acid HCL   
Sodium hydroxide NAOH   
Nitrogen N2    X
Carbon dioxide / CO2 condensation CO2   X
Helium He   X
Heavy fuel oils and Diesel HFO   X
N2 H2 CO CO2 H2O SO2 SO3 - mixtures of any composition Gas mix   X
Aqueous sucrose solutions SAC   X
Properties of pure substances and mixtures
(requires program PROPER)
User-supplied properties tables S-TAB   X
Interface to strength calculation,
True-to-scale sketch of heat exchangers including essential dimensioning
Tube sheet library /
Creating a design-specific tube sheet.
Tube sheet that can be edited as DXF file
Customer documentation (abridged) KUDO X  
Specification sheet in MS EXCEL   X  

Combination with any LV property modules possible.

Due to the overlap of some modules of the ATLAS module system favourable package prices can be offered for the following combinations.

W T S and V E R D module package List price 8,400 EUR Package price 6,700 EUR
W T S and AC module package List price 7,900 EUR Package price 6,400 EUR
W T S and GV module package List price 8,600 EUR Package price 7,500 EUR

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