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Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Basic version of design system for shell-and-tube heat exchang-ers for single-phase media (liquid / gaseous) with CAD interface, graphical layout of tubesheet, true-to-scale heat exchanger sketch and interface to LV strength calculation programs.

(see scope of delivery)

Refined tube vibration analysis (GVLV module) >> Extra Charge

WTS 4,800



Only as WTS extension    
1. Pure vapour condensers with desuperheating, condensing and subcooling option, multi-tube, shell without baffles. KOND + 600
2. Double-pipe heat exchanger (concentric annulus) shell with-out internals.
Thermal and hydraulic design of hairpin heat exchanger incl. modules G2 + GGO + GGLR.


DPW + 770
3. Design of plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers


LAM + 770
Electrical heaters

Basic version for thermal and hydraulic design of electrically heated forced-flow shell-and-tube heat exchangers


EWTS as WTS extension 
(requires latest WTS version)

EWTS 4,500


+ 1,800

Vaporization Vaporization of pure substances at smooth tubes, including tubesheet library, TEMA, incl. essential properties
(see scope of delivery)
VERD 3,600
Tube Bundle vibration analysis

- only available in German -

The calculation may be performed for the complete tube bundle or only for especially endangered zones like tube rows beneath the inlet nozzle or in the window zone.


GV 3,800
Double Pipe heat exchangers

Heat transfer and pressure loss in double pipe heat exchangers (concentric annulus, tube in tube) see hairpin DP 1,800
Crossflow heat exchangers / air coolers

Cross flow heat exchangers with bare or finned tubes, includes crimped-finned tubes (spiral wound), partial condensation and additional properties (see scope of delivery) AC 3,100
Calculation of the intermediate temperatures and quantities of vapour/condensate in vapour/post-vapour condensation in heat exchanger groups (12 types of arrangements) DNK 1,400
Multi-component-condenser Cross flow condensers with bare or finned tubes incl. DDB-Flash (multi-component condensation in the tubes) MUKO 3,900
Coil type heat exchangers

Coil type heat exchangers for gases and liquids. Max. 5 parallel flown-through tubes COIL 2,300
Heat transfer and pressure loss in coaxial / coiled double-pipe heat exchangers. KOAX 1,800

KOAX as COIL Extension

+ 770
Thermal oil heaters

Calculation and simulation of hot oil heaters, includes extensive thermal oil database T-OIL
BREN 3,200
Coil type economizers for flue gas

Coil type heat exchangers with up to 14 concentric tube baskets, heating of thermal oil;
Properties of H2O / HFO / Air / OEL / RGAS / T-OIL
WAK 2,400
Multi-component condensers in German only Calculation of pure substance / multi-component condensers with / without inert gases (incl. PROPER 3)
MS-Access required
MESK 6,400
Plate heat exchangers Pressure drop and heat transfer of chevron-type plates, for single-phase media only, no condensation. Incl. essential properties MMP 1,400
Triple tube Heat exchanger in concentric triple tube RS3 510
Hot storage tanks

Heat losses / heating of storage tanks

TANK calculates the heat losses of insulated and heated storage tanks. The floor plan of the tank might be round or rectangular.

> Heat loss by radiation over the roof is considered. Heat loss calculation over the bottom with new mathematical approach. Design of flat heating coil for compensating the heat loss is included.

> Calculation of heating and cooling time TIME module required Extra Charge 600 EUR

TANK 1,400

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