Heat exchangers / AC module package

Combination possibilities at a glance

Multi-pass tube bundles and shells are considered. Tube pitch and tube arrangement can be selected freely. It is possible to use bare tubes, circular finned tubes, internally finned tubes, tubes with twisted-tape inserts, tubes with spiral fins with ripples, rectangular finned tubes (fin plate) and corrugated tubes. Shells can be cylindrical or rectangular. A free input of physical properties is possible. 

Further features: 

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  Module Standard
Construction types
Bare tubes internal/external   X  
Circular finned tubes (external)   X  
Spiral fins with ripples (external)   X  
Rectangular finned tubes / fin plate (external)   X  
Tube register   X  
Rectangular multi-pass shell   X  
Round tubes / Oval tubes L1.4 X  
U-tube / Straight tube   X  
Single phase heat transfer   X  
Condensation of humidity of inert gases   X  
Condensation of pure substances (total or partial)   X  
Evaporation of pure substances in the tubes (total or partial)   X  
Steady-state temperature distribution ZELL X  
Internal longitudinal or spiral fins INLR   X
Twisted tape inserts TWIS   X
Round multi-pass shell L1.5   X
Corrugated tubes DRLL   X
Natural convection ACK   X
Pool heat exchanger (free convection / no circulation) F2.1   X
Recirculation of hot air PLRE   X
Power consumption of fan VENT   X
Heat exchanger networks NETZ   X
Physical Properties
Ammonia (evaporation / condensation) NH3 X  
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC X  
Free input of properties S-DAT X  
Hydrogen - Nitrogen - Mixture (Cooling gas) H2N2 X  
Air (dry / humid*) LUFT X  
12 typical machine oils OEL X  
Flue gas / Process gas RGAS X  
Saturated steam H2O X  
120 thermal oils T-OIL X  
Water and steam H2O X  
Refrigerants FRIG X  
Carbon dioxide CO2   X
Natural Gas L, H and any composition,
Bio gas (dry / humid*)
Nitrogen (dry / humid*) N2   X
N2 H2 CO CO2 SO2 SO3 - H2O mixtures of any composition Gas mixture   X
Helium He   X
Properties of pure substances and mixtures
(requires program PROPER)
User-supplied properties tables S-TAB   X
Tube sheet as DXF   X  
Customer documentation (abridged) KUDO X  
English Documentation   X  
Inspection documents for air coolers according to VDI 2049 2049   X

* Steam condensation 

®Registered trademark of Clariant GmbH

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