Licensing models

Our programs are copy-protected and are available as single-user version or a network version at the same price. Further deliveries will be done conforming to the initial installation.

Alternative: Single user version with hardlock / dongle (parallel port or USB port): 80- EUR (e.g. laptop computer)

Network version (Local area)

A frequently used licensing model is the runtime license in a company network (network license). This license per-mits you to install LV software on as many computers of one LAN as you like. The program is only available for a limited number of computers (depending on the number of purchased network licenses).

  1. First licence: list price of the programs according to our current catalogue
  2. Further licences:

Single-user licence

A single-user licence is bound to a specific computer. After the installation an unlock code is required.

Dongle licence (hardlock)

With a dongle license you will obtain an additional hardlock or dongle. The hardlock is a kind of plug you place at your parallel port (printer port) or a USB port. You can install the program on as many computers as you like. To start the program you will need the included hardlock.

You can purchase one license and use the program either on your laptop or on the office PC, depending on where you have placed the hardlock.

Feezing, a very competitive licensing model

The 'Feezing' technology is a method developed by Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik: You can use software when needed by paying a small 'fee'. The software package is installed on your computer. Only when you start a program, a short-time internet connection is established to cash up the starting fee. Phone costs are negligible.

Except of information according to cashing up the fees, no critical data like credit card number or calculation data are transferred via internet.

>> For requests for your FEEZING account less than 100,- EUR we charge a fee of 9 EUR
>> For requests for your FEEZING account from 300,- EUR you receive receive additional 10% for your account.  

for your account.

Alternative: Internet-independent by FEEZING via Smartcard

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