ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code VIII / Div. 1

*Included support (means support in program operation to a normal extent, ca. 1h)

Module Program description Net price EUR
PROJECT Basic module / data sheet 410,--
UG27 Cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure 620,--
UG28 Cylindrical and spherical shells under external pressure 620,--
UG29 Ring stiffeners at cylindrical shells under external pressure 410,--
UG32 Dished heads under internal pressure 620,--
UG33 Dished heads under external pressure 620,--
UG34 Flat heads and plates 770,--
UG37 Openings in shells (covers UG39 and spherical shells acc. UG45) 620,--
UG99 Maximum allowable test pressure acc. ASME VIII-1 UG-99 620,--
AFL / AFLT ASME flanges incl. flange tables per ANSI B16.3 (AFLT) 620,--
APY Flat face flanges with metal-to-metal contact outside the bolt circle according ASME BPVC Appendix Y 800,--
ATB Spherical dished covers according to appendix 1 - 6 410,--
TEB 2 Bends and T-pieces according to ANSI / ASME B31.3 410,--
UHX a-c Design of U-tube sheets, fixed tube sheets and floating tube sheets according ASME BPVC UHX part VIII-1 1.200,--
WERK Material data base comprising more than 4700 records 900,--
Module package ASME VIII / Div. 1 - incl. material data base 5.300,--

Maintenance ASME / 12 months (Updates and support*)


US American Standards
ABDR Connection ends of tubes, bends and T-pieces acc. to ANSI B31.3 410,--
ANSI Pipe runs, pipe bends, branches according to ASME ANSI B31.3
codes used are ASME/ANSI B36.10 and B36.19
AP14 Integral flat heads with a large, single, circular, centrally located opening acc. ASME VIII-1 Mandatory Appendix 14 255,--
AP26 Bellows expansion joints acc. ASME VIII /1 App. 26 (U-shape bellows only) 360,--
FANY Fatigue analysis for vessel design according to ASME VIII / 2 410,--

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