Calculation of pressure drop and heat transfer in chevron type plate heat exchangers

MMP module package (included in SOWU)



Program features:

The MMP module package performs the thermal and hydraulic design or rating of chevron type plate heat exchangers. Both media are single-phase flow (liquid or gas).

Condensation and evaporation is not calculated.

Properties of other media may be entered freely by using the STAB module (extra charge).


The basic package includes properties of the following media:
  • Water
  • Ammonia
  • Thermal oils
  • Air
  • Natural gas (light and heavy)
  • Machine oils
  • Glycol-water mixtures
  • Flue gas

Scope of delivery:

Modules included in package MMP: 
C1 / EGAS (natural gas) / GLYC / H2O / LUFT (air) / N6 / NH3 / OEL / T-OIL / KUDO / RGAS (flue gas) / SOWU

Package price: 1,400 EUR plus VAT

Extensions at extra charge:

Any properties of any medium and mixtures, which can be calculated by our properties program PROPER, can be implemented in the MMP module package.

The following property modules can be used as extensions:


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