Thermal and hydraulic design of thermal oil heaters
(Calculation of film temperature)

BREN module




The fundamentals are taken from the relevant German standards, internal company information and published articles on burner geometry and flame patterns.

A data base with properties of 120 thermal oils (T-OIL module) is included. This data base is updated on a regular basis.


Program features:

The BREN module calculates:

  • film temperature of thermal oil heaters at any nominal volume flow and critical minimum volume flow
  • pressure drop in single coils, incl. nozzles and collectors
  • flame temperatures for fuel oils and fuel gases
  • flame geometry of different burner types
  • multiple inner and outer coils with various tube sizes
  • pressure drop on flue gas side
  • thermal performance

The module considers different geometric coil configurations for the most widely differing operating modes of thermal oil heaters. The radiation and convection coils may arranged in series or parallel. The coils may have different tube dimensions and may be twisted within each other.

Price: 3200 EUR plus VAT


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