Double Pipe Heat Exchangers DP and DPW

Thermal and hydraulic design of a
double-pipe heat exchanger or hairpin heat exchanger



DPW (requires WTS) DP
[Hairpin Heat Exchanger}
Hairpin Heat Exchanger
[Double Pipe Heat Exchanger]
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

Program features

The program provides for thermal and hydraulic design of a double-pipe heat exchanger. This module works only as an extension to the WTS module.

1. Concentric annulus

2. Unbaffled shell-and-tube heat exchangers

The GGO module calculates shell-side heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop in the absence of baffles. The associated theory was developed as a result of research carried out at Karlsruhe University (Germany) and presented at the GVC Conference in 1994. The correlations particularly consider the influence of the bundle diameter-to-length ratio and size and location of the inlet and outlet nozzles.

3. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with external longitudinal fin tubes

The GGLR module calculates the heat transfer and pressure drop in longitudinal fin tube bundles of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The fin cross sections may be rectangular or trapezoidal. The heat transfer and the pressure drop are calculated for laminar and turbulent flow.

Program features

1. Concentric annulus

The DP module package computes the complete thermal and hydraulic design of a double-pipe heat exchanger according to the LV Heat Atlas and various technical research papers. The program allows calculation of heat transfer in the case of total condensation of pure substances in the concentric annulus or the center tube. Apart from the free input of user-supplied property data, properties of the following fluids are available from standard property modules included with DP:

Water, saturated steam, air, natural gases, ammonia, flue gases, refrigerants, thermal oils, machine oils, glycol-water-mixtures.

Extra charge 770 EUR plus VAT

Price: 1800 EUR plus VAT


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