WTS module package

Design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers



Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0


Program features

WTS is a a design / rating and simulation program for shell-and-tube heat exchangers for gases and liquids as well as condensing other pure substances. There are additional modules available  to calculate condensation processes for wet gases (partial condensation).

The theory is based on the correlations of the VDI Heat Atlas and the HEDH (Heat Exchanger Design Handbook) and further research reports.

WTS printout sample (PDF)


Design of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger (video)

Price of Standard Version:

4800 EUR plus VAT

Courtesy of Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S, Marine Division

Calculation options in standard version

  • Thermal and hydraulic calculation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for single-phase media and for condensing pure components (e.g. saturated steam condensation). The heat absorbing medium at condensation has to be single-phase.
  • Automatically generate tube sheets (SPIE Module) including tube sheets with longitudinal baffles and no tubes in window. Create your own company libraries. Up to 30 000 tubes individually graphically editable. Considering of dummy tubes and tie rods possible.
  • Bare tubes tube inside and tube exterior
  • Segmental baffles
  • No-tubes-in-windows heat exchangers
  • Countercurrent flow or cocurrent flow
  • Multi-pass shell design
  • Calculation of entry and exit regions in shell
  • Several typical media and their physical properties
  • True-to-scale sketch of heat exchangers including essential dimensioning in DXF format. Interface to strength calculation included in WTSC.
  • Simple tube vibration analysis (GV in WTS)
  • Characterization of performance by multidimensional parameter studies
  • Data link to MS-Excel in user-definable specification sheets
  • Calculation according to TEMA
  • Abridged customer documentation for bid preparation (KUDO)

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Extensions at extra charge

  • Corrugated tubes
  • Tube inside: Internal fins, Twisted tape inserts
  • Tube exterior: Low-finned tubes, Longitudinal fins, Plate fin-and-tube
  • Disk and doughnut
  • Shell without baffles
  • Double-pipe heat exchangers
  • Design of shell-and-tube condensers for pure vapours with desuperheating, condensation and subcooling zones (KOND)
  • Partial condensation of a vappour from an inert gas (humid gases)

Scope of delivery and extensions at extra charge see price list


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