Cross flow heat exchangers - air cooler (AC)

Design of cross flow heat exchangers with bare or finned tubes



Fields of application:

  1. Air conditioning technology
    Air cooler: Cooling of any medium with air,
    Condensation of air humidity is considered.
    Air coolers, air conditioning devices, air-cooled condensers, blast coolers, air cooling systems, air conditions, air dehumidifiers, cooling units, dry coolers, refrigeration systems, cold water sets, evaporators (flooded evaporators or pump operation)
  2. Power Engineering
    Flue gas heaters for heat recovery (CHP, waste heat to produce electricity, ORC )
    Air heaters: Heating of air or other gases with saturated steam, hot water etc.
    Condensation of air humidity is considered.
    Air heaters, recuperators, waste heat exchangers, oil coolers, economizers
  3. Chemical Industry
    Air coolers for any gases and liquids
    Condensers for pure substances with water, brine, thermal oil, refrigerant or other media.
    Recoolers, liquefiers, gas coolers, gas dryers, process gas coolers

In general, heat transfer in rectangular tube bundles with rectangular or circular finned tubes as well as heat exchanger batteries can be calculated. The given area reserve and the actual outlet temperatures of the media (often differing from the required temperatures) are determined. To determine the temperature distribution in cross-flow, a sophisticated cell method is used. The geometrical data of the tube sheet can be saved as CAD file.

The program determines the physical properties of  several media automatically. Specific properties can be integrated into the program by 'Free Input' Property modules, which were especially created by user request, can be integrated into the program. This also holds for condensing or evaporating media. For other media, which are not subject to phase changes, the user enters mean values for the necessary properties.

By integrating our  property data generator program PROPER it is possible to determine properties and phase equilibria of more than 800 substances.


Multi-pass bundles and shells are considered. Tube pitch and tube arrangement can be selected freely. It is possible to use bare tubes, circular finned tubes, internally finned tubes, tubes with twisted-tape inserts, tubes with spiral fins with ripples, rectangular finned tubes (fin plate) and corrugated tubes. Shells can be cylindrical or rectangular.


Heat transfer

Basis of the calculation approaches is the VDI Heat Atlas. When cooling air, flue gas or humid gases, condensation of the humid part at the cold wall is considered. The thermal transfer is calculated by using the method of [1] and the amount of water or the humidity are calculated as well. 

If the wall temperature is below zero or if there is a huge amount of condensed water the program displays warnings. Evaporation of pure substances in the tubes is calculated according to the mathematical approaches of the  VDI Heat Atlas [2].

Calculation of total  or partial evaporation and total or partial condensation is possible.

Price of Standard Version: 3100 EUR plus VAT

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