Design of cross flow condensers with bare or finned tubes (MUKO)

MUKO module


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Program features:

MUKO is an all-purpose program for designing cross flow exchangers for the condensation of multi-component mixtures. The tube bundle may have bare or finned tubes. Multi-component tubeside condensation can be characterized with the aid of an incremental design method.



The program supports a user-supplied bank arrangement and tube layout such pitch, fin shape (circular, square or none at all) for the heat exchange bundle.


The tube-side condensation process calculation method is based on the "resistance proration" method described [1], [2], [3], and [4].. This method is based on the assumption that the vapor temperature profile approximates equilibrium conditions.

Heat transfer:

The inside heat-transfer coefficient is calculated according to pure-component system methods. The theory is presented and discussed in the LV Heat Atlas.

Design procedure:

The module calculates the "area required / area available" ratio. This value allows the user to evaluate his design.


The program can generate physical properties automatically for a number of different standard fluids. The following additional modules can be ordered:

On request, LV will integrate the user's property data into a custom-made property module. This can be especially helpful for cooling media. Other media, which undergo no phase change, can be characterized by user input of the required mean properties.

Scope of delivery:

The program is limited to a pure condensation process. Superheating and subcooling are planned to be incorporated into the program as soon as possible.

Price: 3.900 EUR plus VAT


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