Triple tube heat exchanger (RS3)

Calculation of heat transfer in a triple tube exchanger


RS3 module


Heat exchangers with concentric triple tubes are frequently used in the food industry for safe warming or cooling of a fluid. The tube-in-tube arrangement allows control of the heat transfer for both streams, thus avoiding large temperature gradients. The thermal efficiency is relatively high even at low wall temperatures.


The design theory is discussed in the VDI Heat Atlas. The heat transfer equations for flow in an annulus between two concentric tubes may be extended to applications where the flow is through more than two concentric tubes.

Program features:

The heat transfer coefficients for

central tube - annular gap 1 and annular gap 1 - annular gap 2

are determined separately from the properties of the fluids in the central tube and the two annular gaps as well as from the flow scheme (co current or countercurrent). The program determines the average wall temperatures. If the heating / cooling medium is directed by a distributor at the central tube and the outer annular gap, then the the total mass flow distribution depends on the various pressure drops. The program calculates this mass flow distribution by an iterative method.

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