Special heat transfer modules

LV Heat Atlas

Performance test documents acc. to VDI 2049

Natural convection (ACK)

Multiple passes around the tube bundles (ACM)

Shell-side heat transfer (CIRC)

Corrugated tubes (DRLL)

Crossflow outside finned tube bundles (DRRB)

Mean logarithmic temperature difference (FN)

Longitudinal fin tubes (GGLR)

Unbaffled shell-and-tube heat exchangers (GGO)

Low fin tubes (GGRI)

Hydraulic balance (HYBA)

Reference value alpha0 for nucleate boiling (HABA)

Internally finned tubes (INLR)

Results of calculations in an abridged version for customers (KUDO)

Heat exchanger networks (NETZ)

Recirculation (PLRE)

Tube vibration analysis (RBSA)

Tube-side pressure drop (RDV)

Falling films (RIES)

Triple-tube exchanger (RS3)

Tubesheet design (SPIE)

Horizontal shellside reboilers (TSIP)

Twisted strips inside the tube (TWIS)

Power requirement of air cooler fans (VENT)

Wall condensation and thermal bridging factor at insulated walls (WAKO)

Scale drawings (WTSC)

Temperature profiles (ZELL)