Two-phase pressure drop in pipe flow (ZDP)

ZDP module




Due to the absence of general correlations for the calculation of pressure drop in gas and fluid flow in pipes, empirical equations have been developed that employ actual measured data.

Lutz Friedel in 1978 [1] and 1984 [2] presented a calculation method based on several thousand data for pressure drop in horizontal, vertically upward, and vertically downward flowing two-phase streams.

Program features:

The ZDP module calculates two-phase pressure drop for the following types of flow in straight pipes:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical upward or downward


Price: 190 EUR plus VAT


  1. Mayinger, Franz, "Strömung und Wärmeübergang in Gas-Flüssigkeits-Gemischen (flow and heat transfer in gas-liquid mixtures)", pp. 53–55, Springer, Berlin 1982
  2. Lutz Friedel, "Reibungsdruckabfall-Beziehung für senkrecht abwärtsgerichtete Gas/Dampf/Flüssigkeits-Strömung (Frictional presssure drop relationship for vertically downward gas-steam-liquid flow)"; Chem. Ing. Technik 56 (1984) No. 5, pp. 410-411

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