Storage tanks (TKL)

TKL module



Liquid volume of partly-filled horizontal and vertical cylindrical storage tanks with bearing charts



Basis for the program is the usual standardizing of shape and volume of ends. The level-dependent volume of an end is being calculated by highly efficient equations.

Program features:

The TKL module, part of the ATLAS program system, calculates the volume of horizontal and vertical cylindrical tanks with torispherical, semi-ellipsoidal, hemispherical and elliptical ends.Furthermore any knuckle / crown radius can be specified. This enables you to calculate standard domed ends, domed ends, dished ends, tank ends, domed discs etc.

The relations between filling level (in mm), filling volume (in m³) and filling fraction (in % are calculated. When the specific weight of the product is given you may also calculate the mass of the contents.

Not only the level / liquid volume but also filling times and evacuation times are being calculated which are necessary at given filling level flow , e.g. between high level alarm and maximum filling level.

Both modules can access all the calculation features of the ATLAS program system (every desired value can be calculated, performing parameter studies, interfaces to other calculation modules e.g. properties etc.) With the option 'parameter study' bearing charts can be created and exported to EXCEL.

Price: 800,-- EUR plus VAT

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