Piping networks (RNET)

Hydraulic calculation of meshed piping networks




For the calculation of meshed pipe systems the method of HARDY-CROSS is known. Though, problems may occur in case of non-linear elements like fittings, orifices or cross section changes. For the simulation of sprinkler systems it is also necessary to consider the dynamic response of the nozzles, i.e. the amount of water outlet as a function of the local pressure.

Fields of application

The RNET program allows an easy calculation of pipe networks with any fitting as well as calculating and simulating Sprinkler systems. A graphical interface makes it easy to use


  • Calculation of pressure loss and flow velocity
  • Calculation of static pressure at any point
  • Creating more than one characteristic pump curve including graphical representation of the operating points
  • Unsteady calculation; e.g. pressure course depending on time
  • Integrated properties for water and steam
  • Integrated data for fittings,orifices, valves
    • Extendable by input of user-defined data
  • Pressure-regulating devices
  • Fittings with friction factors
  • Rectangular airducts
  • Calculation of orifices

Further features

Mixture calculation

Density and viscosity for mixture are determined depending on temperature , with gases also depending on pressure.

Maldistribution in whole system or definable area

Creating similar systems automatically


Table of results

Results in EXCEL

The graphics are exported to EXCEL as scalable graphics. You can now work with the calculated project within the MS OFFICE package (word, power point, etc.) which enables you to integrate the results into a quotation, presentation, etc, easily.

Characteristic pump curve
Characteristic pump curve with operating points of two pumps

Frequency-controlled pump

Standard package 

Standard package RNET

incl. modules RNET + FDP + L1.3

1595 EUR

RNET program

Calculation and simulation of meshed piping networks for gases, vapours and liquids incl. sprinkler systems

FDP module and L1.3 module

Pressure drop in unmeshed pipes and at flow through pipes with changing cross-section

Possibilities of combining modules for special solutions

Supplementary modules

Extra charge

KV module for design of control valves and accessories according DIN IEC 60534, noise emission and response

300 EUR

STOS module calculating max. water hammer,

max. / min. pressure at valves and accessories

190 EUR

Modules E1.2 and G1 calculating heat loss and heated pipes

380 EUR

ZDP module calculating two-phase pressure drop in pipe flow

190 EUR

CAV module calculating control valves and accesories for liquids / gases

190 EUR

Interface to several supplementary modules for e.g. additional properties as well as interface to CAD

On request

Prices plus VAT

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