Heat tracing design (BEHE)

BEHE module




Heat tracing of piping prevents an unacceptable cooling down of a process fluid. The fluid may either be flowing or stationary. Rigorous theoretical investigations of this subject have not yet been carried out.

For single-phase heating media the number of heat-tracing tubes required may be estimated following the recommendations of the Texas design firm of Ford, Bacon & Davis [1]. The Gustav F. Gerdts company has published a method for steam tracing [2].


Program features:

The BEHE module determines the required number of heat transfer tubes. It also calculates the heat transfer coefficient, the heat loss, and the heating medium consumption.

For single-phase fluids the user can specify whether an enhancer such heat transfer cement is to be applied to the heat tracing.

The module allows optimization of the inside diameter of the heat tracing based on the stream velocity.

Price: 190 EUR plus VAT


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