Flow measurement with pressure difference devices (DROS)

DROS module



Flow measurement with pressure difference devices according to EN-ISO 5167-1/A.


For flow measurement of fluids in pipes you may use measuring orifices, nozzles or Venturi tubes. The pressure drop measured by the throttle enables you to calculate the flow rate. The standard EN ISO 5167-1 not only sets design directives but also calculation equations to calculate the relation of measured effective pressure and the mass flow.

These equations may also be used to design restriction orifices resp. to calculate the permanent pressure loss.


Program features:

The DROS module includes the necessary equations for designing all throttles dealt with in the ISO 5167-1 (orifices with corner, D-D/2, and flange pressure sampling, ISA- and long-radius-nozzles, as well as Venturi tubes and Venturi nozzles). In addition you may determine the flow by using the measured effective pressure and as well the effective pressure according to a given flow.

The limits of the equations stated in the standard are verified with your data entry.

Price: 190,-- EUR plus VAT

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