Thermodynamic properties of moist gas systems (HX)

HX module




The state of a humid gas as illustrated in a so-called Mollier diagram is defined by temperature, pressure and moisture content.

Program features:


  1. The program predicts changes of state for humid gases as a function of temperature, pressure, and moisture content, characterizes the state of a moist gas and generates the property data (densities, enthalpies, etc.).

    In the Mollier diagram for wet gases, a state is defined by temperature and pressure as well as by the relative humidity. In a mask the user can define and compare two different physical states.

    The program calculates the dew point, the quantity of condensated water, the amount emitted

    heat (during the cooling of humid gases) or the amount of heat which must be supplied (during the heating up).

  2. The state resulting from the mixing of two humid gas streams is characterized according to the lever-law.

The user can

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