Properties and phase equilibria (PROPER)

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Thermal and transport properties and phase equilibria

Program features

PROPER generates properties and phase equilibria for pure components and mixtures of up to 15 components by means of using methods from [1,2]. Basis is a data base comprising more than 800 substances.

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The program is designed with new improved methods for calculation of properties and now features a context-sensitive help file.

Proper calculates:

The scope of the program has been broadened with a method for the calculation of specific heat capacity of monovalent alcohols, such as methanol, ethanol and propanol. Also, additional refrigerants, namely R22, R23, R32, R123, R134a, R142b, R152a, have been included in the data base for the first time.

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PROPER can also be called by any module within the ATLAS Program System for generation of properties. An automatic call of the generated properties is integrated in the System.

PROPER (1 licence): 2,100 EUR plus VAT


1. CUT properties

Properties of hydrocarbon cuts are available for special applications. The calculations are based on the ASTM D86 curve and the Watson K factor.

Additional charge: 600 EUR plus VAT

2. Phase equilibria

DDB: Calculation of gas-liquid phase equilibria with the PSRK method for maximum 10 components. The calculation is based on the Dortmunder data base of DDBST GmbH of Oldenburg (Prof. Gmehlin). This method is recommended for systems which deviate greatly from ideality. The properties of the vapor and liquid phases are calculated using the concentrations in the vapor and liquid phases.

The program does not calculate mixtures with a miscibility gap, i.e. mixtures where the liquid phase breaks up in two phases, like for example in a ‚water-oil‘ mixture.

Additional charge: 500 EUR plus VAT

3. PROP module as interface module to MS-EXCEL

Additional charge: 445 EUR plus VAT


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