Nitrogen - hydrogen - carbon monoxide - carbon dioxide - steam - sulfur dioxide - sulfur trioxide - mixtures (gas mixture)

Physical properties of N2 H2 CO CO2 H2O SO2 SO3 - mixtures of any composition

Gas mixture module




Program features

The program determines the physical properties of gas mixtures of any composition depending on temperature and pressure. The concentrations of the components may be entered in Mol% or Weight%. In addition to the physical properties density, heat capacity, viscosity, and thermal conductivity the module determines as well the compressibility factor and the isentropic coefficient.

Every concentration of the gases is possible. In presence of SO3 and H2O the sulfuric acid dew point is calculated.

A nitrogen-hydrogen mixture is a very efficient heat transfer gas due to the big heat capacity of hydrogen.

In a mixture with carbon monoxide you get a protective gas which is suitable for plasma welding.

The N2H2CO module (properties of nitrogen-hydrogen-carbon monoxide mixtures of any composition) has been completely revised and extended and is therefore renamed to Gas Mixture module.

Following components are possible:

  • N2 nitrogen
  • H2 hydrogen
  • CO carbon monoxide
  • CO2 carbon dioxide
  • H2O steam
  • SO2 sulfur dioxide
  • SO3 sulfur trioxide

Price: 500 EUR plus VAT

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When calculating the physical properties, we assume that all components are gaseous. A possible partial condensation of water, sulfuric acid, or sulfurous acid is not taken into account.


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