Software for Physical Properties

Physical properties of:

Program for the calculation of properties and phase equilibria (PROPER)

Beer (BIER)

Program for creating user supplied property tables (STAB)

Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Natural gas L and H (EGAS)

State of moist air from psychrometric measuring (PSYC)

Refrigerants (FRIG)
Gas mixtures(N2-H2-CO-CO2-H2O-SO2-SO3) of any composition

Adiabatic humidification of air (MIX)

Ethylene glycol and 1,2-propylene glycol (GLYC)
1,2 and 1,3-propylene glycol (GLYK)
Dew point temperature in exhaust gas with SO3 and H2O fractions (TSO3)
Water and steam (H2O)
Hydrogen-nitrogen mixture (H2N2)
Reference value alpha0 for nucleate boiling (HABA)
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) incl. phase equilibria
Hydrochloric acid (HCL)
Helium gas (HE)
Heavy fuel oils (HFO)
Nitric acid (HNO3)
Moist gas systems (HX)
Dry air (LUFT)
Sodium (NA)
Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) (NaOH)
Ammonia (NH3)
typical machine oils (OEL)
Aqueous sucrose solutions (SAC)
Seawater (SAWA)
Heat transfer oils (T-OIL)
Helium from 4°K (XHE)