Ethylene glycol and 1,2-propylene glycol (GLYC)

GLYC module



Properties of ®Antifrogen N, L, KF and SOL

Program features

The module generates the properties for different frost classes / compositions and given temperatures.

It calculates the properties of:

You may as well calculate the properties for given temperatures of

The following properties are calculated

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Properties N L KF SOL
Density ρ x x x x
Specific heat capacity cp x x x x
Dynamic viscosity η x x x x
Kinematic viscosity ν x x x x
Thermal conductivity λ x x x x
Prandtl number x x x x
Volumetric thermal expansion coefficient β x x   x
Boiling temperature ϑ s x x    
Vapour pressure ps x x   x
Frost resistance FS x x x  


®Antifrogen N

®Antifrogen L

If no special requirements are stipulated, you should use the ethylene-glycol-based Antifrogen N. It has the better physical properties than Antifrogen L.

Only where the heat transfer medium could come into contact with drinking water or food (e.g. in breweries, dairies, ice-cream factories, cold stores, fish processing factories) Antifrogen L should be preferred, because it is based on the physiologically harmless product 1,2-propylen glycol.

®Antifrogen KF

®Antifrogen SOL

The low-viscosity cooling brine Antifrogen KF, based on organic salts (formates), was developed specially for low-temperature applications below –20 °C in the food sector (e.g. super markets, dairies, ice-cream factories, cold stores, fish processing factories, etc.)

Antifrogen SOL is the recommended medium for solar heating systems subject to high thermal stress, especially for those with evacuated-tube collectors. It has a boiling point of ca. 106°C. Under pressure it can be used at much higher temperatures (up to 260°C).

The GLYK module generates the properties of 1,2- and 1,3-propylene glycol for given temperatures.

Three proprietary chemicals can be investigated Antifrogen L (Clariant) Tyfocor L (Tyrofop) Glythermin P44 (BASF). The calculation range is from -30 to 100 °C

Module package GLYC: 190,-- EUR plus VAT

Module package GLYC / GLYK: 220,-- EUR plus VAT

® Registered trademark of Clariant GmbH

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