Stresses in shells WRC107

Module package WRC / WRCK



Evaluation of stresses in cylindrical and spherical shells due to external loads according to WRC107



Refer to Bulletin 107 of the Welding-Research-Councils.

Program features:

The program determines the additional stresses in cylindrical and spherical shells, which are produced by external nozzle forces or moments. Additionally and as supplement to WRC Bulletin 107, the stresses by internal pressure can be superposed with the corresponding stress intensification factors.

Connection to the material data base:

The allowable stress of the nozzle material can now be determined using the comfortable material data base, directly from within the modules WRC and WRCK. After input of the design temperature and the material, you specify the safety factor and the program calculates the material property value and the allowable stress. Additionally to the calculated maximum existing stresses, the usage factor of the material is directly presented in percent. The material and the allowable stresses as well as the existing stresses and the usage factors are now documented in the mask. A separate stress evaluation is unnecessary with the new version.

Package price

WRC/WRCK inkl. S 3.6

1.075,- EUR plus VAT

FE calculation

WRC / WRCK incl. FE calculation for nozzles with additional loads

2.100,- EUR plus VAT

Combi package

WRC / WRCK incl. S3.6 + EN 16.4 and EN 16.5 + FE calculation for nozzles

2.500,- EUR plus VAT

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