3D Pipe Systems (LV PIPE II)

Calculation of 3D pipe systems with LV PIPE II
(English output)

Requires at least MS Office 2010
Runs under Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10   32/64-bits

The LV PIPE II user interface is completely integrated into MS EXCEL. The EXCEL environment enables the user to implement his own data and links and to create the documentation according his preferences. Results of a calculation are totally separated from the input (EXCEL sheets).



Program features

  • LV PIPE II determines the following quantities among other things:
    • Support reactions, forces and moments
    • Pipe forces and moments
    • Displacements
    • Stresses according to:
      • ANSI B31.1
      • ANSI B31.3
      • FDBR
      • EN 13480
      • DVS (Plastic pipes)
    • Variable spring hanger data / Expansion joints catalogue interface
    • Nozzle loads
    • Wind loads, Seismic loads
    • Friction
    • Supports with clearance
    • Single acting restraints / singular supports
    • Different load cases and free definable load case combinations

Animated displacement for every load case



Data are determined for the pure dead load case (installation), the pure thermal load case (start / shutdown) and for the combined load case (operation). For an easier assessment, the most important quantities can be presented graphically. The LV PIPE II program meets the requirements for calculating of nozzle loads in pressure vessel design perfectly. In combination with the modules WRC and FEM all proofs according to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) can be performed.

Program comparison LV PIPE II / CAESAR 2 / RAMPA and START by Jelena Priss, Ivan Klevtsov, Tallinn University of Technology (PDF)

  1. Maximum number of allowable dispacement cycles is documented
  2. The displacement of he pipe system cam be presented animated for every load case
  3. The node numbers / names are presented anti perspectively (same size) to grant the utmost clarity in presentation. Numbers and names are scaleable and rotatable.
  4. Header and footer can be specified
  5. Pipes marked in the Excel sheet are highlighted in the graphics simultaneously
  6. CAD-Options:
    • Export of graphics as 2D or 3D-DXF for further use
    • Up to 12 stress ranges definable in different colours
    • Pre-defined views freely selectable


Campaign price: 3990 EUR plus VAT

Service / 12 months : 490 EUR plus VAT


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