Module package wind loads

Calcuation of wind loads in pressure vessel design



Adjsutment to latest standards

EN 1991 module (Eurocode 1)
calculates the wind loads for a cylindrical vessel or for attachments such as ladders, pipes, platforms and scaffolding acc. to DIN EN 1991-1-4 Eidition 1 N.A. Germany

EN 22 module
calculates the wind loads acc. to DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 22.4 in connection with the EN 1991 module acc. to DIN EN 1991-1-4 (Eurocode 1). Possible attachments are ladders, vertical and horizontal piping and platforms. Several different attachments of the same type might be selected and combined with other types of attachment.

Module package WIND LOADS = EN 22 + EN 1991

based on EN 13445-3 and Eurocode 1

Price: 1400 EUR plus VAT

The S30 module, section wind load calculates the wind load and wind moment on a vessel with given wind velocity and aerodynamic form factor. Attachments with an additional area of not more than 15% of the vessel area may be considered globally by an increased dynamic wind pressure of 25%. Price: 500 EUR plus VAT

The following modules are marked as obsolete as the codes are withdrawn:

The WND module  is replaced by EN 1991calculates wind loads acc. to DIN 1055-4 section 10

The ANBA module is replaced by Eurocode 1 (EN 1991). See module EN22 and EN 1991

The VERK module calculates the stress in a cylindrical vessel without structural attachments up to 50m height considering the vibration sensitivity according DIN 4133. The wind load (wind load zone) and the snow load (snow load zone) are calculated as live loads.

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