Special modules: AD / ANSI / ASME / DIN / EJMA / EN / TEMA / TRD

Round steel flanges according DIN EN 1092-1 / welding-neck flanges (replaces VFLA)
Flat gaskets acc. to DIN EN 1514-1 and DIN EN 1591-2 (1514)
Flanges DIN EN 1591 and DIN EN 13445-3 - PED conform
Load-bearing capacity analysis DIN18800 Part 4 (18T4)
Bends acc. to DIN 2413
Seamless pipes acc. to DIN 2448
Welded pipes acc. to DIN 2458
Flange connections acc. to DIN 2505
Bolts acc. to DIN 2505 (250S)
Flanged joints (25V)
Pipe bends acc. to DIN 2605
Flat gaskets according DIN 2690-2691-2692-2697 (269X)
Valve casings acc. to DIN 3840
Safety valves (A2)
Connection ends of tubes (ABDR)
Minimum thickness and test pressure according to EN 14025 / ADR / RID (ADR)
Stress in a cylindrical vessel with attachments caused by live loads (ANBA)
Steel pipes and piping according to ASME / ANSI B36.10 and B31.3 (ANSI)
Calculation of flat face flanges with metal-to-metal contact outside the bolt circle according ASME BPVC Appendix Y (APY)
Outer sheath knuckles (AKR)
Openings and nozzles according to Euronorm 12952-3 (AUZY)
Pipe bends under internal pressure acc. AD 2000 B1 Appendix 1 (B1 1)
Axial forces (B51A)
Circular flat tube sheets with protruding flange edges according AD 2000 B5 (B51C)
Fatigue strength of fixed heat exchanger tubesheets acc. to RKF part 5 and 6 (B51F)
Pressure vessels with rectangular section according AD 2000 B5/1 (B5A1)
Calculation of Earthquake Loading acc. DIN 4149 (BEB)
Vessels on supports (BEIN)
Structural steels (BIEG)
Pipe bends TRD-301 (BOG)
Design of headers (BV29)
Covers for manholes acc. DIN EN 14025(6.3.6):2008-08 (DECK)
Gasket factors (DICH)
Diagonal stays (ECKA)
European flanges (EFL)
Expansion joints per EJMA (EJMA)
Pressure vessels of rectangular section according EN 13445-3 chapter 15 (EN15)
Fatigue stress analysis (FANY)
Welded half-pipes (HLB)
Y-shaped branches (HOSE)
Pipeworks according to AD 2000 Merkblatt HP 100 R (HPR)
Strength proof of nozzles (IGEL)
Calculation of stresses, displacement, shear forces and moments for columns with additional supports.(KSTA)
Perforated plates (LOBO)
Single loads (lifting lugs) at cylindrical shells and domed heads (LUG)
Test pressure (PMAX)
Support brackets (PRAT)
Jacket connections (RING)
Nozzles with mutual influence (RUER)
Segment elbows (SEGB)
Gauge glass flange according DIN 28120 (SG)
Nozzles on spherical shells acc. EN 13445, supplementary to EN 09 (SIK)
Calculation of the tube sheet thickness according to TEMA RCB-7.1 (TEB)
Simplified heat exchanger heads (TEB1)
Pipe bends and tees (TEB2)
Calculation of longitudinal stresses in shell and tubes of heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets (TEM)
Support rings (TR28)
Cylindrical shells under internal pressure (TST)
Seismic loading per Uniform Building Code 1997 (UBC)
Calculating the departure from the true circle of cylinders and cones according EN13445-3, Annex E (UNRD)
Stress in a cylindrical vessel without attachments caused by wind loads (VERK)
Welding-neck flanges (VFLN)
Knuckles of vessels (WARZ)
Wind loads (WIND)
Calculation of trunnions according DIN 28085 (ZAPF)
Bolting torque of bolts (ZIEH)

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