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WERK module



Selection and documentation of materials for the design of pressure vessels and process equipment according to AD 2000, ASME, EN and TRD


The data base of the program comprises the physical and mechanical properties of more than 4400 materials. They can be specified exactly by several selection criteria like "material number", "semi-finished product", "delivery standard" or "design code" or simple text search. Additionally the user can enter his own materials and the characteristic values in a separate table. The data base includes all required DIN-EN delivery standards for the AD-Merkblaetter and the TRD as well as all ASME specifications. A brief program description and a detailed online manual is included as pdf file.

The program determines the allowable material properties dependent on temperature, workpiece geometry, regulation standard and delivery standard. All values are displayed on screen and may be printed, copied into the clipboard, saved as a file (e.g. for further processing in Microsoft WORD) or forwarded to any of our calculation modules e.g. to the AD 2000 calculation program.

Material list (pdf-file 533kb)

Program features:

With the LV program WERK it is possible to determine material properties according to the DIN-EN delivery standards and the most important pressure vessel codes like AD 2000 W1 to W 13, TRD 101, 102, 106, 107 and ASME tables 1A, 1B and 3. The physical and mechanical properties like creep strength, temperature expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, modulus of elasticity are provided dependent on the temperature. Various options enable you to design an individual lay out.

The documentation comprises data from the according delivery standard and design code which are needed to determine the characteristic values, safety factors, wall thickness and corrosion allowances and material density.

The program is bilingual. You can switch from German to English and vice versa. All user options and language settings can be saved to the Windows registry.

Example of a selection mask

Price: 900 EUR plus VAT

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