Flanges DIN EN 1591 and DIN EN 13445-3 - compliant to PED

Module Package 1591 



Calculation of flanges and flanged connections according to DIN EN 1591 and DIN EN 13445-3 Annex G compliant to Pressure Equipment Directive


With the 1591 module you can calculate flanges and flanged connections of equal or different flanges.

Since edition EN 1591:20111 the gasket parameters are given depending on the leakage rate.

>> By the integrated connections of the module 1591 with the supplementary module 1092 (steel flanges including strength proof) you don't have to enter the geometrical data or the gasket characteristics for the flange calculation manually.

>>  The integrated gasket data base based on data from gasket manufacturers, which is being extended steadily,  allows you to easily use the correct gasket parameters in your calculation. Gasket dimensions are provided as well.

>> The corrosion allowances c2 can be considered and effects the inner diameter of the flange as well as the wall thickness of the hub and the shell. The calculation can be performed for corroded or non-corroded state. It is also possible to enter a user-defined corrosion allowance c2 .

Program features

The program comprises the complete DIN EN 1591, respectively the according section of DIN EN 13445-3 Annex G, and permits the calculation of welded, welding-neck, blind, and lap joint flanges.

The calculation method considers the elasticity of the connected shell, the thermal expansion between flange and bolts as well as the effective gasket face and calculates the required mounting torque of the bolts. For a better evaluation of the load cases, the utilization of the flange, bolts, gasket and the loose flange are determined.

The integration of data bases  enables you to call up the required geometrical data of flanges, bolts and gaskets as well as the gasket characteristics provided by the manufacturers according to DIN EN 1591-2. 

After having entered nominal diameter, nominal pressure and operating temperature when necessary, the data are automatically transferred to the 1591 module for flange calculation. The temperature dependant gasket characteristics acc. to DIN EN 1591-2 are also included.

Differences to previous calculation methods according AD 2000 / ASME

EN 1591 considers

  1. the non-linear elastic behaviour of the gasket
  2. the forces produced by different thermal expansion of flange and bolts
  3. additional axial moments and forces
  4. the influence of the number of mounting cycles on the gasket or the tightness of the connection
  5. the elastic supporting effect of the connected shell
  6. the connection of bolts, flange and gasket when calculating the utilization
  7. multiple subsequent load cases operation, test and assembling for calculating the bolting torque
  8. more detailed calculation methods for the elastic behaviour of flange, bolts, shell and gasket

The fluctuation of the allowable bolt force can be specified depending on the bolting technique (e. g. with a wrench, impact wrench, torque controlled wrench with or without measuring equipment). Following this norm, the tightness of a flanged connection under different load cases can be predicted. A flanged connection mounted with a torque controlled wrench needs smaller bolt load than mounting manually. The efficiency of the flanged connection decreases accordingly.

Data input made easy

There is only one singular input mask for data input, which makes it easy to handle and gives you a good overview. A connection to the data base is granted at any time.

>> Don't waste your time with searching for dimensions and gasket characteristics in multiple standards and regulations.

 Selection options:

Using these specifications, the geometrical dimensions of the flange, of the bolts and of the gasket are determined. the dimensions and the gasket characteristics are taken from the data base and transferred to the program.

For the final calculation of the load ratios of the flanged connection, you have to specify  only a few more values like external forces, materials of flange and bolts from the material data base and the number of mounting cycles.

Overview of results

The following modules are included in the 1591 module package.

These modules (except 1591) can also be used as supplementary package to AD/B7 and B8 and flange calculation acc. to ASME or EN 13445. Price on request.



1591 Basic module for flange calculation Flange calculation according DIN EN 1591-1
1092 Welding-neck flanges acc. DIN EN 1092-1 Welding-neck flanges PN 6 to PN 100
Nominal diameter from DN 10 on
1514N /
Flat gaskets

Gasket data according to DIN EN 13555.
Geometrical data according to DIN EN 1514-1
Gasket characteristics acc. to DIN EN 1591-2

DIN EN 1514-1 replaces DIN standard 2690, 2691 and 2692

Many manufacturers data included.

Flat gaskets acc. to DIN EN 1514-1
  • type IBC for type A faces (without nubbin) and type B faces (with nubbin)
  • type TG for type C and type D faces (tongue and groove)
  • type SR for type E and F faces (male and female face)
Gasket data base Gasket data base with manufacturers data
Materials The package includes the extensive material data base with more than 4700 material records.
AFLT, SFLA, VFLN Extension: Flanges according ASME B16.5, Welding-neck flanges acc. DIN 28036 for pressure vessels made of stainless steels, welding neck flanges acc. to DIN 28034

>>> These modules are standalone modules

Module package 1591 
incl. module AFLT, SFLA, 1092, VFLN, 1514N and 159N
incl. material data base

List price: 2200 EUR plus VAT


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