EJMA module package

Expansion joints per EJMA




Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc., 10th edition

Program features

The program determines and checks

  • the allowable total movement of one convolution
  • the allowable stresses caused by internal pressure and movement

It calculates also:

  • the rigidities
  • the number of allowable load cycles

The following construction types are possible:

Single-ply or multi-ply

  • round, unreinforced bellows
  • round, reinforced bellows
  • round, toroidal bellows

with or without protective layer.

The expansion joints might be single expansion joints or universal epansion joints. The user specifies pressure, temperature, the geometrical dimensions, the materials and the movements.

The movements of a pre-stressing of the expansion joint can be considered

List price EJMA: 1200 EUR plus VAT


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