Statical Stability of Pressure Vessels

Module Beben



Calculation of Earthquake Loading acc. DIN 4149 or DIN EN 1998-1 Eurocode 8 (Beben)

Module Beben for the calculation of earthquake loading according to the simplified method for regular buildings per DIN 4149 or DIN EN 1998-1 Eurocode 8

Module Beben determines the support forces and moments due to earthquake loading for regular buildings per DIN 4149:2005 or DIN EN 1998-1 Eurocode 8. 

The building mass can be distributed equally or variable along the height. The individual forces are linearly approximated over the building height. The total earthquake force is proportional to the total mass and the rating spectrum Sd(Ts), depending on the first vibration period Ts. The basic period can be determined approximately for high buildings or slender beam type buildings.

After specification of the building and underground class, building category and other parameters, the support forces are calculated for the selected vibration period Ts. The simplified method can be used when the building behaviour does not depend significantly on the higher vibration modes. The following condition is necessary for the vibration period: Ts < 4*TC, with the control period TC = 0.2s 0.5s as a function of the underground type.

Price: 620 EUR plus VAT


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