AD 2000 Standard as Calculation Program

AD 2000 based on the AD-Merkblaetter / section B and S



What is changing?

Due to harmonization of European standards and regulations some important changes occured in 1999. According to the regulations of the "Pressure Vessel Directive 23/97/EU", the new European standards and regulations have been enacted into national law by the end of May 1999. After a transitional period that ended on 29 May 2002 the European standards EN 13445-3 and EN 1591 superseded the previous DIN standards and calculations according to AD-Merkblaetter.

What do you have to do?

It is possible to use a national regulation conform to the PED. The German pressure vessel association published a regulation conform to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC called AD 2000.

In general the harmonized European Standard DIN EN 13445 can be used for unfired pressure vessels. The final release of this standard is implemented since May 2002 Designing according to this standard is an advantage if you have customers all over Europe.

LV recommends:

Both regulations, the DIN EN 13445 and AD 2000, are stand alone concepts only differing slightly in detail. For the manufacturer designing according to DIN EN 13445 is helpful to offer pressure vessels or parts of pressure vessels on the European market. The disadvantage is that this regulation may lead to higher costs in production due to higher quality standards. Designing pressure vessels according to AD 2000 may enable the manufacturer to offer pressure vessels at a more competitive price.

In case of fired pressure vessels openings and nozzles in cylindrical shells of drums, headers, as well as pipes according to DIN EN 12952-3 can be calculated with the LV module AUZY

A part of the EN 13445 for the calculation of flanges is provided by the LV module package 1591 which calculates according to DIN EN1591. This standard replaces the national standard DIN 2505.

Both standards EN 1591 and EN 13445 cover several possibilities of flange calculation. The EN 1591 covers the field of strength and leakage calculation of flanges and flanged connections more detailed than the AD-Merkblaetter.

According to EN 13445-3, chapter 11 the flange calculations are performed very similar to the procedure per ASME Div. VIII. Compared to EN 1591 this calculation is more conservative.

The HPR module is based on the design standards for pipeworks made of metallic materials according to AD 2000 Merkblatt HP 100 R and determines the allowable support lengths of pipeworks with and without additional loads( Merkblatt HP100R ).

Pressure Vessels: AD-Merkblaetter and AD 2000

The program package provides all design calculations for the sections AD-B and AD-S.

The additional module PMAX calculates the test pressure of process equipment and constructions based on the different test pressures for the components (shells, heads, nozzles).

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