Update of purchased software

  1. Service contract for LV-software / strength calculation.
  2. Updates based on a special offer (ca. 15-25 % of current list price).
  3. Supplementing and extension of programs by separate offer.

Model of service contract (Strength Calculation / Process Engineering)


Fees contain the following:

  1. Insertion of changes of the respective codes into the programs. Updates are available 6 months at the latest after issue of the change, respectively at the date of the mandatory application of the changed code.
  2. Insertion of results of literature searches
  3. Improvement of the environment, user interface.
  4. Adjustments to current operating systems e.g. Windows Vista, Windows 7 32/64 bits.
  5. Informing the customer if program errors occur and updating of the corrected program.
  6. Telephone advice service free of charge for questions concerning operating the program. (Technical advice beyond usual extent is settled by a special consulting contract).
  7. Supplemental modules can be purchased at a reduced price


Updates are provided by Internet download  approximately four times a year. Help menu - Update


The service contract is valid for one year (12 months from conclusion of the agreement) and prolongs automatically one year , if not terminated with 3 months notice on either side.

Sample Contract