Software Licensing

Licensing Options of LV Software

One-time purchase
You can purchase individual modules or module packages.

Prices of individual modules you will find in our price list.

We offer ready-to-use module packages, but you can also create individual packages comprising individual modules.

Packages are significantly more inexpensive than purchasing individual modules. Please ask for an individual quotation.


FEEZING - the most cost-effective way of using LV software (pay-per-use)
Use LV Software without the need of purchasing a module.

Feezing is a pay per use license model. You can use the calculation modules without any limitation.
Program actions like starting a module, saving and printing are billed. Costs are deducted from a deposit on a virtual Feezing account.

All calculation programs are available.
Great flexibility in using the programs.
Cost-effective alternative to purchase, if you need the modules only occasionally or when you have to calculate special cases.

A combination of purchase and Feezing is always possible and does make a lot of sense.
Purchase frequently used modules and use only rarely used modules by Feezing.



Time-dependent Feezing allows to unlock individual modules or module packages based on time. In the selected period of time, you can use all modules without additional costs. Ideal for handling bigger projects within a limited period of time.