FAQ - frequently asked questions

If you have any question concerning installation or download you will find the answers here!

If the answer is not satisfying, contact us.

Please find below the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Error message in FEM module: "Fehler beim Öffnen von z8801.bny" or "Cannot open z8801.bny" or similar.

    To solve this problem delete all files in the directory: C:\Users\'USERNAME'\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\LV\Stress\Fem\
    or delete all .TXT files in the FEM folder of the program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\LV\Stress\Fem).

  2. When starting the LV Strength calculation program, the installer of a third party program (e.g. Autocad) is called up and the LV program does not run.

    To solve this problem, repair your installation of this third party program (e.g. Autocad).

  3. Material server does not provide any data. Search field is red.

    To solve this problem, delete the lvw.config file in the user directory. More

  4. AVIRA antivirus program message: Virus or undesired program in file PipeDXF2.exe ('TR/Dropper.Gen5).
  5. This is a false positive in Avira's heuristics. The file PipeDXF2.exe is required by the LV program PIPE II. More

  6. Error message: 'Unexpected error; quitting.' under Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.

    Vista: Before the first program start you need to deactivate the 'User Account Control' even if the user is logged on as 'administrator'. More

    Windows 7 and Windows 8: Run the program by right-click on the program icon 'Run as administrator'

  7. I have just installed Windows 7 / Vista 64-bit. Now the program does not run anymore.

    For Windows 7 / Vista 64-bit you will need a new unlock key, which we will send to you for free within a service contract.

  8. How can I check if I am using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system?.

    START -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> System type. For Vista 64-bit you will need a new unlock key, which we will send to you for free within a service contract.

  9. After having updated the LV program I cannot enter any values anymore. The values are deleted directly after I have entered them.

    Register the following files manually: LVLib.dll and LVMaske8.ocx. More

  10. Help files are not displayed under Vista!

    If you want to use the help files by pressing F1 in the program, you will need a patch from Microsoft, which we are not allowed to provide on CD. More

  11. I think I have installed everything properly but the program does not run. What is the problem?

    What is your operating system? If you are installing under Windows 2000 / XP or Vista you need to have administration rights. More

  12. I'm not able to download your software! Download is cancelled shortly after beginning!

    Probably there is a firewall installed on your system preventing downloading of exe files. More

  13. I've downloaded and installed the basic package. The problem is that only the deinstaller has been installed on my system.

    You have to install one of our program packages as well. Choose the desired program package from the fields process engineering, pressure vessel design or heat exchangers. You will find the packages under 'Software - Download'.

  14. I have updated my program and now I'm not able to overwrite calculated values anymore.

    If you install an LV program (Stress, Heat, etc.) on a computer for the first time, the expert mode is deactivated by default and therefore calculated values cannot be overwritten. More