Cloud Computing, SaaS? We have

    the cost-efficient way to use LV software

LV's innovative and cost-efficient licensing model

Many customers work on projects and don't have the corresponding program for a specific calculation. Buying this program is only economical if it is used quite frequently.

LV offers the solution!

How does this work?

All available LV programs being worth 150.000,- EUR can be installed on your local PC. Instead of checking licenses as when purchasing software, 'feezing' unlocks program actions after billing via internet or locally by SmartCard (similar to a phone card or cash card).

Depending on the purchased basic package on CD-ROM you have access to:

  1. Pressure Vessel Design (AD 2000, Euronorm, ASME, TRD), Piping (WRC), FEM module (Calculation of Local Stresses at the Nozzle Area by using the Finite Element Method)
  2. Process Engineering (LV Heat Atlas, heat exchangers, properties) + Hydrodynamics (Pressure drop, ROHRNETZ)

Please use our order form incl. pricing (PDF, 31kB) for your order.


DDB (phase equilibria) as PROPER extension is not available via FEEZING!

The programs are combined into packages according to the different fields to give you an easy overview. (PDF, 50KB)


How to use 'Feezing'

Advantages of 'Feezing'


Install the required LV software

All 'feezable' LV programs, are available


Use program

  • Work locally
  • Absolutely time-independent
  • No or only short-time internet connection necessary


Exit program

Comprehensible online billing report
Determination of properties of e.g. helium, natural gas... = 2.55 EUR each
AD 2000 B1 incl. printing and saving = 4.10 EUR

Prices for one project in general?

After receiving your order we open a personal customers' account on our server for you with the amount of money you ordered. When using a program, fees are billed for the following program actions:

  1. Starting the program
  2. Saving program data as project
  3. Printing results

Your LV account is charged with the according fees either via Internet or by a SmartCard, which is directly connected to your local PC. The SmartCard can be loaded via Internet or by sending the reloaded card to you by mail.

You can use your account as long as you want and you can transfer money to it as often as you like. Money can be transferred in advance by wire transfer or by VISA (Master) credit card.

1. Basic costs

The software packages 'Pressure vessel design' (1) and 'Process engineering / Hydrodynamics' (2) comprise  a CD each with the available LV programs, including an account of 30 EUR / 40 EUR plus telephone support for program usage for 30 days. Documentation is integrated into the software or can be printed from the pdf file on CD.

Please note:  If you have already purchased LV software and need special program extensions which you want to 'feeze', there aren't any basic costs to pay. The account can be created with any desired amount of money.

2. Calculation costs

Starting program and performing calculations

Prices are calculated as a percentage of the list price per module. The minimum amount to be billed is 1,- EUR per module and program action. The module packages may need other modules while calculating which are not charged additionally as long as they are part of the basic program package.


First saving under a project name is billed. Saving during the calculation (under the same name) for safekeeping reasons is free. If new modules are required for the calculation, they are billed when they are saved for the first time.

Loading and changing existing projects

Saved projects can be loaded for free but not be changed or printed. If you want to change data in the project you are billed like starting the modules for the first time.


Loading a saved project is free. For saving the project under a different name and printing the results you have to pay a fee.

TIP: Save your project as PDF file (normal fee for printing). The created PDF files can be printed for free.

3. Additional costs

The module packages may be updated within the first 12 months for free  by pressing a single button. 'Feezing' prolongs automatically for one year if not cancelled within 3 months notice. Fees have to be paid for  STARTING, SAVING or PRINTING.

4. Accounting

Package 1 or 2 is required (for pricing see order form). The percentage costs for the calculations are based on the list price of the programs (see price list)



as a project

the results

of list price

Strength calculation





Special modules 0.30% 0.30% 2.40% 3%

Process Engineering















The following programs are billed in their special way.

FEM module
Nozzle loads - FE calculation



30 EUR

40 EUR

PIPE program

0.50 EUR per node, incl. saving and printing (German only)

ROHRNETZ program

1.50 EUR per pipe run incl. saving and printing


Determination of properties of e.g. CO2, natural gas, glycol, helium, NH3
saving and printing

Minimum fee 1.50 EUR

Designing an air cooler including documentation

ca. 29 EUR

Designing a pressure vessel including saving and printing

ca. 35 to 50 EUR

Please use our order form (PDF, 31kB) for your order.

Special Campaign

You'll get a refund of 50% of your costs for calculating of the last 6 months with a module package if you buy the corresponding module package. The maximum refund is 50% of the list price. The single fee for the CD is not refunded.

How am I billed?

When executing the first billable action, the program checks if a SmartCard is connected to your PC. You can choose if you want to be billed by Internet or SmartCard.

If you are using FEEZING via Internet, a connection to the LV server is established and the latest price list is loaded .

Requesting amount

The action which is being billed at the moment is printed in bold . The deposit on your SmartCard or on the LV server is shown as well.

The action is executed as soon as you confirm the fee and the fee could be charged.

The action which shall be executed is explained in the lower field – in our example executing the B1 module (cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure).

To keep the internet connection time as short as possible, a certain amount of money is reserved to your local sub account. You can request any amount of money ranging from the required amount for calculation and the amount you have on your account.

Information about your personal account / local sub-account

You see a warning on screen if there is only little money left on your account. The amount of money you need can be paid in advance by a simple banking transaction or directly by VISA credit card during our usual office times.

You do not need an internet connection as long as if there is enough money on your local sub-account. Every transaction is made via your local sub-account

After terminating the program, the still existing amount of money on your local sub-account is retransferred to your LV account. This requires an internet connection or the SmartCard. If you abort this transaction or do not want to connect to the internet, the money will be transferred at your next FEEZING session.

Using the program menu 'Feezig', you can display the price list and your actual account balance and statement of your account. Here you can also reload your SmartCard. Price list and balance can be shown instantly.

Use the 'refresh' button to request the balance via internet.


Frequently occurring misunderstanding:

To be able to use all LV software on request you have received a CD-ROM with all LV programs. You are working locally with the version you have received and not with the latest version.

Advantage: Absolutely internet independent work with SmartCard or only short-time internet connections for billing program actions while FEEZING via Internet.

Please note: If you have Internet access you can update your software in the first 12 months for free by pressing a single button. Especially for strength calculations in pressure vessel design there are frequent changes in the codes (AD2000 / European Standard EN, etc,). That's why it is important to keep your software updated.

LV-programs available at the moment (PDF, 50KB)

The programs are combined in packages according to the different fields. Some programs are not available for FEEZING, but are available as stand alone single user or network version.

The LV team is pleased to help you with special questions:

Contact Specialism
Dr. Rolf Braun Process engineering / Thermodynamics / Heat transfer
Dipl.Ing. D. Fischer Strength calculation / Piping / FEM
Dipl.Ing H. Gharib Mechanical Engineering
Dipl.Ing. E. Münchinger Mechanical Engineering / IWE
Andreas Nonnenmacher Program support / Netviewer / Worldwide sales / CRM
Dipl.Ing. R. Riemann Process engineering / Separators / Program support
Dipl.Ing. F. Schansker Process engineering / Heat exchangers