'Feezing' (pay-per-use)No leasing

- the other way to use LV software

The 'Feezing' technology is a method developed by Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik: You can use software when needed by paying a small 'fee'. The software, which is delivered on a CD is installed on your computer.

How does it work with / without Internet access?

All available LV programs being worth 145.000,- EUR can be installed on your local PC. Instead of licensing the program by purchasing it, the FEEZING method allows you to unlock single actions by paying a fee.

You do not have Internet access. There are technical difficulties with data transfer (firewall) or you are working with your notebook at the construction site?

LV has got the solution!

Use our new feature 'FEEZING by SMARTCARD'

On a smart card (this type of card is commonly used as phone card or cash card) you have stored a certain amount of money. If you start, save or print a project in a LV program, the card is debited with the according amount.

LV can send you the smart card ready to use or you can transfer money to the card via Internet (e.g. from a central terminal with internet connection).

Be independent by using the LV smart card
...only at LV


in use for 3 years
with Internet access

without Internet access

Hardware requirements Internet connection
  • USB port for card reader (SmartCard )
  • SmartCard reader 
45 EUR 15 EUR (Special price)
  • SmartCard
    SIM Card (2x3cm) or SmartCard (5x8cm)
Opening an account Request by email Sending smart card by mail, reload your card at a PC with Internet access
Program usage work locally ,
only short-time internet connection for billing
work locally with smart card