Calculation Service

For your special task and based on your data, we perform fixed-price calculations quickly and at a very competitive price.

More than 400 programs can be used for calculating:

  • LV Heat Atlas / Heat Exchangers / Condensers / Physical Properties
  • Thermodynamics / Hydrodynamics
  • Tube vibration analysis according to Prof. Gelbe
  • Piping / AD2000 / EN / ASME / TRD / WRC
  • Flow simulation with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Calculations using Finite Elements Method, FEM

The customer gets the result easily and quickly and doesn't have to purchase the program for a single use. Detailed documentation is provided in English by email.


Sample Printout (PDF)

Examples and Pricing

Strength calculation per AD 2000 / ASME / EN 13445 / TRD

CFD calculations with SolidWorks Flow Simulation and ANSYS CFD

FEM calculations with Solidworks Simulation and ANSYS Mechanical

Meshless FEM simulation with SIMSOLID

Thermal and hydraulic design of heat exchangers

Tube vibration analysis according Prof. Gelbe

Required Design Data (PDF)

Stress in piping systems

The following prices are depending on the extent of the project
Basic Price from 200,- EUR
Per calculation node for the load cases weight, temperature and their combinations 15,- to 20,- EUR
Every additional load case (per calculation node) 9,- EUR
Revisions or concept of fixing
(per calculation node)


3,- to 6,-  EUR

Meshed piping networks / Hydrodynamics / Pressure drops

  • Hydraulic calculation of piping network
    Presenting the pressure drop for every single pipe run
    Presenting the pressure drop at every calculation node
  • Creating the tables of runs and nodes according to the data of the customer (plans, isometrics).
    For every branch and every change in width a node has to be created.
  • Basic run incl. two variation runs
  • Documentation of the system and documentation of the results


  • per node: 15,- EUR plus VAT
  • Minimum amount: 260,- EUR plus VAT

    Additional variation runs at extra charge.

Determination of physical properties

Determination of physical properties according your instructions: from 35,- EUR on.

The results are provided in English by email.

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